Safety First

14 02 2019

Dale BertramHaving a well-maintained vehicle is very important to safety while driving.  Many accidents could be avoided by having a car serviced regularly.

Another detriment to our safety on the highways is distracted driving.  I doubt you can drive without noticing another driver that is either driving recklessly or seems to not be paying attention while driving.

Distracted driving is any activity that could divert your attention away from the main task of driving. It is both dangerous and disturbingly common. Drivers spend more than half of their time focused on things other than driving. You may be surprised to learn that cell phones and texting are just part of the problem when it comes to distracted driving. We know many think that if they are “hands free” it is okay…but I’ve talked to people that have been so focused on their phone conversation they don’t “remember” their drive at all!  Now that is scary!

The fact is, anything that occupies your mind or your vision can cause you to be distracted behind the wheel!

A list of driving distractions may include:

  • Talking on your phone
  • Texting
  • Eating or drinking
  • Grooming
  • Reading – including maps and directions
  • Programming a GPS or navigation system
  • Adjusting a radio or MP3 player
  • Adjusting the temperature controls

It only takes a moment for an accident to occur.  To make sure your car is roadworthy, bring it to Fairway Auto Repair and we’ll make sure your vehicle is up to date on service and repair.  The rest is up to you!




Keeping Your Car Happy

7 02 2019

Dale BertramWe know cars don’t really have feelings but if your car did…would it be happy with how you treat it? Think about it for just a moment.  Your car does so much for you.  It gets you where you need to be…and back again.  It hauls you and other passengers and groceries and sometimes lots of baggage or tools or gardening supplies.  If it had feelings what would it take to make it feel cared for?

  • It would want to be clean and shiny…inside and out.
  • The windows would be the mirror of its soul so make sure they are clean and that the wiper blades work properly.
  • Fluids are essential so it would want its fluid intake to be changed when necessary so it drinks healthful fluids to lubricate all its parts.
  • How are the tires?  Do they resemble a worn pair of shoes or worse…a flattened donut? Has it been a while since the tires were checked for proper inflation?
  • I’m sure it would want its brakes checked so it wouldn’t be in fear of crashing or running a red light!
  • Is the air conditioner working properly?  It wouldn’t want sweaty passengers if it could be avoided.
  • Is it leaking?  This would certainly embarrass a car if it had unsightly leaks leaving puddles in parking spaces and on garage floors.
  • Does it hum along quietly or does the muffler make it sound loud and angry. Every car wants to have a voice but it wouldn’t want to sound like it needs anger management classes!
  • How are all the lights working on the car?  Turn signals, headlights and brake lights give a car confidence that it can be seen when it goes out in public.

These are just a few items that would make a car happy.  Is your car happy?



New Year’s Resolutions

27 12 2018

Dale BertramI hope you all have a wonderful start to the New Year and I know more than a few of you will be making some New Year’s Resolutions.  Here is a simple one I would encourage you to add to your list; a New Year’s Resolution for your Car!

  1. You hear us folks in the automotive service and repair business always saying; “According to the manufacturer’s recommendations…” well…those recommendations are all listed in your owner’s manual. Making sure you bring your car in for these recommended services keeps your car running well and increases its life.
  2. Regular maintenance also saves you money! For example, replacing a worn set of brake pads is much less expensive than replacing brake rotors.
  3. Do you know your car communicates with you? It communicates by a lit dashboard telling you service is needed, poor engine performance, rough handling, fading brakes, strange or unusual noises, drips and more.
  4. Regular maintenance also makes you eco-friendlier and being eco-friendly saves you money!
  5. The best way to take care of your car in 2019 is to bring it to our shop quarterly where we will check it out for you with tender loving care so you can enjoy many more miles together. Our New Year’s Resolution is to help you keep your car running great, safely and save you some money at the same time!

Happy New Year!



Keep Safe This Halloween!

25 10 2018

Dale BertramHalloween is a favorite of retailers because consumers spend a great deal on parties and decorating.  It is supposed to be a fun time but sadly, it has its share of problems such as pedestrian deaths, car thefts and car vandalism.

Car Thefts
Halloween ranks third as the deadliest day for pedestrians.  December 23 and January 1 are the two days ahead of Halloween.  It does, however, come in first for car thieves.  It seems car thieves take advantage of cars being parked in unfamiliar places and people seem more distracted.  It is also easy for a thieves to disguise themselves on that day as so many are in costume.

Cars are also twice as likely to be vandalized on Halloween.  Tires are often slashed and windows broken.  The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that approximately 1,253 claims are filed due to vandalism on October 31 as compared to 692 on an average day.

What can a driver do?  If at all possible, stay out of unfamiliar places.  If you must park in a strange place, keep an eye on your vehicle as much as possible and try to choose a well-lit area.

Children are so excited on Halloween that sometimes they don’t practice “safety first.”  They don’t remember to cross only at crosswalks and with dark costumes and no flashlights, they are easy to overlook.  Drive slowly through neighborhoods and residential streets.  It is only a couple of hours that they are out…but it can be a dangerous time.

No Tricks…Just Treats

Let’s keep this day an enjoyable and safe time for all!



Double, Double Toil And Trouble

18 10 2018

Double, double toil and trouble,
On the ground beneath me is a puddle.
Its origins have my owner befuddled,
But lucky for me he calls Fairway Auto Repair on the double!

They carefully have my poor self towed in,
And I wait patiently for them to begin.
The techs carefully, slowly raise my hood,
By the look on their faces I feared the prognosis wasn’t good!

From under my hood the steam rose like a thick fog,
Like some witch’s brew made in an old-time bog!
It didn’t look good and my heart began to thud,
I didn’t want to hear that I was now just a dud!

As I braced myself to hear I was now a pile of rubble,
(Deep in my heart I hoped for a rebuttal!),
“She’s in bad shape!” They said, “Make no mistake!”
But we can fix her, so relax and take a break!”

“She’s suffered from a coolant leak,
If you would have kept driving her the outcome would have been bleak!
Since you towed her in we can fix her, piece of cake!
To have driven her would have been a big mistake!”

They fixed my coolant system and fixed it well,
Those folks at Fairway Auto Repair sure are swell!
Next time you find yourself in such trouble,
I suggest you call Fairway Auto Repair on the double!

Do I Have To Use A Dealer To Keep My Warranty In Effect?

11 10 2018

Dale BertramWhen a customer buys a new car, they are always concerned that if they keep coming to my shop for routine maintenance and repair it will void the warranty! I always tell them to relax because the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) the nation’s consumer protection agency says NO! It is illegal for a dealership to even suggest that they might deny your warranty coverage because your routine maintenance and repair is done by an independent repair shop!

Oil changes, fluid exchanges, tire rotations, brake pads, belt and hose replacements and other services are considered “routine” maintenance and are essential to keep your car running well for years to come. A complete list of these services can be found in your owner’s manual.

Customers also are concerned that the use of aftermarket parts may void their warranty.    This will not void your warranty and you can even use recycled parts and your warranty will still be good! The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act states emphatically that it is illegal for a manufacturer or dealership to void your warranty because you chose to use an aftermarket or recycled part.

The only time a dealership or manufacturer can deny you coverage is if the following occurs:

-A part was improperly installed and caused damage

-If the aftermarket or recycled part was defective and caused other parts to be damaged

Keep in mind that if these two things should occur the dealership or manufacturer must demonstrate or prove that this did, in fact, cause damage.

We always encourage our customers to keep a record of all services/repairs but if you fail to do so, or have misplaced them, rest assured that we have those records should you ever need them.

We are always here for you!



How Is Your Transmission?

27 09 2018

Dale BertramThere are two types of transmissions, as you all know; manual and automatic.  Here are some signs that they might need a checkup by a professional:

Automatic –

  • Thankfully today we don’t have to guess as much as we did in days gone by. We have dashboard lights that illuminate to alert of a potential problem.  It could be the “check engine light” and it may pinpoint it even better as a transmission problem by showing the “reduced power” light.
  • If your car simply won’t move even after it starts just fine, this could be telling you a major transmission failure has occurred.
  • Slippage is another indication and is an odd sensation if you have never experienced it before. It may be a simple issue like a control solenoid or a serious issue such as loss of pressure.
  • If you notice a leak on the ground it could be transmission fluid. Look for red (fresh fluid) or shades of red/brown as the fluid ages.
  • Noises you may experience if your transmission is not as healthy as it should be are grinding or whining.

Manual –

  • Just like with an automatic transmission, if your vehicle starts fine, but won’t move, it could be a transmission issue.
  • Shifting issues often indicate worn rings or gear teeth. These can make it difficult to shift gears, cause the gears to clash or even jump out of gear!
  • If you notice a brown leak on the ground, this tells you the gear oil is leaking. A professional can find the leak for you as it can come from a few locations.
  • If you hear a growling, grinding or whining noise, this can signal low fluid, worn bearings and/or gears.

If your car is experiencing any of these problems, please contact your automotive repair professional.  They can quickly diagnose the problem and tell you the best solution for your vehicle.