Never Assume

26 04 2018

Dale BertramIn a recent study of several hundred people, the question was asked, “Does the auto shop where you take your vehicle employ certified technicians?” The vast majority answered that they assumed that they were certified.

Sadly, this is not the case! Someone who cuts hair or does manicures is required to be state certified and take continuing education classes, but a mechanic, who works on tires, engines or brakes doesn’t need a single day of training nor are they required to have the proper tools.

The only certification system we have in the automotive repair industry is strictly voluntary and is administered by Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) which offers a series of written tests that a technician can take to be certified in many different areas of the car. All tests are voluntary, not required. At Fairway Auto Repair, I require all the staff to be ASE certified and I know many other shops do as well.

I recommend using an AAA Approved auto shop because they require ASE certified technicians and those technicians must have a minimum set of tools for the cars they work on. AAA approved shops have tough standards and you, the consumer, have a voice through the arbitration system if you feel something went wrong with your car repair.

In these uncertain times, saving a few dollars is always something to consider, but don’t get so caught up with a low price that you get poor service/repair.  This will cost you more later. Have a knowledgeable certified technician perform the service or repairs on your car; it will save you time and money in the long run. Before you agree to have any work performed, ask if the technician working on your car is certified for that year, make & model.




Our Pledge To You!

18 05 2017

Dale BertramMany of our customers are keeping their cars longer.  I thought I would just take a moment to reassure you that we will do our utmost to keep your cars in great shape.  It is just one less thing you need to worry about.  Peace of mind is one of our specialties.  Here are a few other things you can always expect from us:

We pledge to always treat you like a person, never just another number to be served.
We pledge to always give you outstanding customer service.
We pledge to keep current with our certification training so we are always up-to-date with the latest manufacturer information.
We pledge to keep you informed of services/repairs you will need “down the road” so you can be financially prepared.
We pledge to be available to answer any questions you may have.
We pledge to treat you like we would want to be treated and how we would want others to treat our family members.
We pledge to keep you informed about manufacturer recalls.
We pledge to give you a choice when it comes to parts…original manufactured or aftermarket parts.
We pledge never to apply high pressure sales tactics on you.
We pledge never to sell you something you don’t need.
We pledge never to take your business for granted.

Rest assured that as our customer, you will receive the very best from each of our staff.  Keeping you happy is our number one priority!

“There is only one boss. The customer. And he/she can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his/her money somewhere else.”  – Sam Walton

Finding An Auto Repair Shop You Can Trust

8 12 2016

Dale BertramAAA just did a survey and found that two out of three U.S.A. drivers do not trust automotive repair shops!  Why?

The top reasons that U.S. drivers do not trust repair shops are:

    • Recommending unnecessary services (76 percent)
    • Overcharging for services (73 percent)
    • Negative past experiences (63 percent)
    • Concerns that the work will not be done correctly (49 percent)

The survey also noted that older drivers trust auto repair shops’ more.  Why?

    • Baby Boomers are twice as likely than younger generations to fully trust auto repair facilities in general, with one-in-five reporting they “totally trust” the industry.
    • Baby Boomers (76 percent) are also more likely to have a chosen auto repair shop that they trust compared to Millennials (55 percent) and Gen-Xers (56 percent).

What does this survey tell us?

  • It takes time to find a great repair shop…many times through trial and error.
  • Due to this, older, more established adults have found a shop they trust and they stick with them.
  • Driver’s happy with their repair shop aren’t “repair shop hopping” based on coupons, but stick with the shop they know will do a good job at a fair price each and every time.
  • The 75 million drivers who haven’t found a trusted repair facility need to ask for recommendations from those who have.

What does AAA recommend?

  • Find a shop you trust before you are in breakdown mode.
  • Start off your search by having a shop do small items first such as oil changes, tire rotations and filter replacements.

There are a lot of great shops out there.  Today it has never been easier to find one you trust!  Read reviews and ask friends, family and neighbors.  It pays great dividends in the long run.


Fairway Auto Repair

Software Glitches…Cars Aren’t Immune!

3 11 2016

Dale BertramWe love our technology…when it works properly.  Nothing is more frustrating than software when it has glitches.  Last year, software related problems in vehicles broke records.  Here is what the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration tells us:

  • In 2015, 615 complaints were reported by drivers to NHTSA
  • In 2016, 202 complaints have already been reported to NHTSA
  • In 2014, 505 complaints were reported to NHTSA
  • Since 2011, there have been a total of 2011 complaints filed with NHTSA

This is problematic because drivers will not want to purchase vehicles they can’t trust and the more complaints logged, the more the lack of trust builds.  This may seem like just a few complaints when we think about how many vehicles are in traffic day in and day out…but on top of the complaints there have been recalls as well.

There have been approximately 200 software-related recalls since 2015.  These recalls have affected over 13 million vehicles!  These software issues have mostly been due to powertrain, vehicle control systems, engine cooling and of course, electrical systems.

Today’s cars have much more electronic hardware than a typical home or office. It’s not unusual to have 100 million or more lines of software code operating all the systems in our cars. Sadly, glitches are proving to be the new normal. On average, there’s an error in as many as one in every five lines of code, something that can prove not just inconvenient but potentially deadly for car buyers.  This is very costly, not to mention embarrassing for automotive manufacturers as well.

Experts warn that rising recalls and consumer complaints need to be taken as a warning. Until the industry can track and fix these glitches swiftly, before accidents occur, consumers will not feel comfortable with the latest and greatest in vehicle technology.

The next questions is, can we feel comfortable with autonomous vehicles when we currently have software glitches like these?  Time will tell.

To find out more about the future of vehicles, visit our website at!


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Looking For A Repair Shop You Can Trust?

8 11 2012

Consumer Reports just came out with their latest, Annual Auto Survey, on car repairs.  Consumers who were not completely satisfied with their repairs gave these reasons!

  • 38% – Price of repair was too high
  • 28% – Did not fix the problem properly
  • 21% – Took longer than expected to complete the work
  • 18% – Had to bring the car back because the repair did not hold up
  • 11% – Price was more than originally estimated

When it came to price, dealerships got the biggest complaints at 42% while independents came in at 32%.  The problem of the vehicle not being fixed properly was equal for dealerships and independents.  Over all, consumers take their vehicles to independents instead of dealerships as has been the case for several years now.

When consumers decide to take their business to another shop it is because of the following:

  • 50% – Vehicle wasn’t fixed properly
  • 34% – Price too high
  • 23% – Repair didn’t hold up
  • 19% – Treated poorly by staff
  • 19% – Repair took longer than expected
  • 19% – Price was higher than originally estimated

Where did they have their negative experiences?

  • 1/2 at a dealership
  • 1/3 at an independent
  • 1/5 at franchised chains

What did Consumer Reports recommend to consumers? Explain to your car care provider your vehicle’s symptoms in detail; do not come in to the shop with a self-diagnosis you got from an Internet search; go on a test drive with the technician, get an estimate before work is performed, ask to see old parts, document the repair(s) and if you have to keep coming back for the same problem you may be covered under the Lemon Law statute. The final recommendation is this; if you have found a shop that does the job right the first time at a fair price, hang on to them. 

I am confident that you will find Fairway Auto Repair a shop that you want to hang on to.  Don’t take my word for it!  Read our reviews!  We are family owned and go out of our way to treat our customers extra special…and their cars too!  We have customers that have been depending on us for years…and some from Grand Canyon University that are just beginning to know us.  Give us a try at Fairway Auto Repair and we promise you an exceptional experience.

Happy Motoring!