Is Your Vehicle Ready For Summer?

24 05 2018

Dale BertramMemorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of summer… and that means summer vacations are just around the corner!  Is your vehicle ready to hit the road?

We know we can feel our energy ooze out of us in the summer heat and your car feels it too!  Just imagine sitting there day after day on the hot pavement while the relentless summer sun shines down on you.  Car’s components such as rubber are very sensitive to heat and tend to become brittle and crack.  Here are just a few things we look for when we service your vehicle for summer:

  • Batteries take a beating. Between the car’s vibrations and heat, they usually only last three years.  It is always a good idea to have them tested to determine how much life they have left in them.
  • Cooling systems are very susceptible to summer heat. You will notice more cars sitting on the side of the road with steam pouring out from under the hood during the summer months.  We always check your cooling system thoroughly to make sure the coolant isn’t contaminated.  We also check the rubber components for cracks and frays.  If they are past their prime, we will recommend replacing them so you don’t end up on the side of the road.
  • Tires need the proper inflation to function well. They don’t operate well if they are over-inflated or under-inflated. They need to be just right!
  • Fluids and filters need to be checked and replaced if needed. They do a lot of work to protect our vehicles.
  • Air-conditioning systems need to be looked at so you and your passengers stay comfortable no matter how high the outside temperatures climb. We make sure to check the refrigerant and other components.

A quick inspection will let you know if your vehicle is good to go or if it needs a little service & repair before you head out.  Call today to schedule an appointment!





10 05 2018

Dale BertramOur vehicles are so important to us so it is important that we don’t take them for granted!  Here are a few things that Fairway Auto Repair recommends our customers have us check when they bring their cars in for service.

  • Lights – These are often overlooked. Headlights, brake lights, turn signals and taillights are all vital to our safety!
  • Brakes – Brake pads need to be replaced now and then. If they go bad…you don’t stop when you need to!
  • Tire Pressure – Over-inflated or under-inflated damages the tire and shortens their life. Tire pressures need to be just right!  Having a flat tire is not only an inconvenience, it can be dangerous too!
  • Tire Tread – if your tread is worn, or if your tires have lumps or bumps you could slip and slide (no ice needed) and even have a blowout! This could cause an accident!
  • Power Steering Fluid – Trying to drive a car without power steering is almost impossible. To keep your car under your control, this fluid is vital!
  • Transmission Fluid – This fluid needs to be exchanged periodically to keep your car shifting properly and to keep it under your control.
  • Coolant – No one wants to sit on the side of the road with steam pouring out of the hood due to an overheating vehicle. No one needs to if their coolant is kept in great shape and exchanged as needed from time to time!
  • Air Filter – A clean air filter helps in many ways…one being fuel economy. It is an inexpensive fix and only takes a moment to replace. Filters do just what they say…filter out the bad stuff such as dirt and contaminates.  We look at all filters to make sure they are doing their job.
  • Alignment – If your car seems to be pulling you in the wrong direction…an alignment may be the answer! A car out of alignment has a mind of its own!
  • The Oil – Last but not least, this vital fluid truly is the “life blood” of today’s vehicles. Keeping it clean and at the proper level keeps your car going strong.

These are just some of the items that keep the cars on Phoenix roads running well. They also help keep us safer as a well maintained vehicle helps prevent accidents due to mechanical failure.  Fairway Auto Repair is here for you, Phoenix drivers!  To find out more ways to keep your ride safe, or to make an appointment, check us out at  We are here to help your car keep its vitality!



Mechanical Failures That Cause Accidents

3 05 2018

Dale BertramBrakes  – Brake failure tops the list.  Brake pads wear out, brake lines leak fluid and ABS systems can also be the cause of brake failure.

Tires – Bald tires can cause a car to “slip and slide” even on dry pavement.  If there isn’t enough tread to hug the road you can be in serious trouble.  Tire blowouts can also cause accidents.

Wipers – If you can’t see, you can’t drive!  It is that simple!

Lights – More accidents happen at night and if your headlights, taillights, or brake lights, turn signal blinkers aren’t working…people can’t see you!  Don’t be a road hazard!

Steering – Loss of fluid, tie rods, ball joints and other components that make up this system can cause mechanical failure and accidents.

Roadside Assistance Calls

AAA and other services are called mostly for:

  • Dead battery
  • Flat tires
  • Cars that run out of fuel
  • Locking keys inside the vehicle

Now…we can’t keep you from locking your keys in your car, or make sure you get to the gas station on time, but we can sure help with the mechanical issues! Don’t let these things happen to you…contact us today!




21 12 2017

Dale Bertram‘Tis the season when we think of all aspects of our lives in terms of the holidays.  I was thinking of the Grinch and how he basically made his little dog perform the task of a reindeer until the little guy almost broke down under the weight of the load he was expected to carry up and down mountains.

Some are guilty of that with their vehicles.  They expect it to perform miracles without thinking that it might break down due to neglect.  Are you a Grinch when it comes to your vehicle? Here are some clues that you are afflicted with Grinchitis.

You might be a Grinch if:

  1. You put off servicing your vehicle until it breaks down.  This costs you more money and hurts the environment too!
  2. You drive on tires that are mismatched and bald.  I am told that being “matchy, matchy” when it comes to clothes is out but this does not apply to tires.  I am also told that bald is beautiful, but again, not when it comes to your tires!
  3. You put off buying new wiper blades and become a road hazard when it rains!
  4. Your headlights are so cloudy you can barely see or be seen.
  5. Your brakes won’t stop you on a row of greenbacks, much less a dime.
  6. Your car shakes, rattles and rolls and it has nothing to do with that 50’s music you are playing!
  7. You use your vehicle as a storage container or a dumpster.
  8. People frequently write “wash me” in the dirt and dust on your car.
  9. Instead of getting your radiator/cooling system repaired, you keep adding anti-freeze and let it drip out, endangering animals that may lick it and become sick or even die.
  10. You drive around with a black stream of smoke coming from the back of your vehicle.

If any of these apply to you, call your car care provider immediately.  They have the cure for Grinchitis!



Driver Beware! Danger Lurks If You Ignore These Signs!

18 10 2012

Halloween is upon us and it got me thinking about ignoring danger.  You know when you watch a scary movie and you want to tell the actor/actress, “Don’t go in that room!!”  Of course they never heed the warning and something sinister always occurs!

I’m hoping you don’t ignore my warning when it comes to your car’s health and your safety!  This warning is for anyone who drives a car no matter if you are just starting out at age 16, a student at Grand Canyon University, a daily commuter or someone enjoying retirement; don’t ignore these warning signs.  Your car may be trying to tell you something.

In this economy, many people are putting off preventive maintenance services hoping to save a few dollars.  In theory that sounds good but if you put it off too long it could result in a breakdown and a big repair bill.

Tens of thousands of motorists annually are now putting off servicing their vehicles.  They end up stranded with some form of car trouble and admit that they were aware their vehicle was headed for trouble but just kept hoping it would hold out a little longer…they ignored the warning signs. I don’t want that to happen to you so here are some of the more common signs of impending car trouble:

  • Jiggling at certain speeds
  • Squealing or scraping sound when you apply the brakes
  • Knocks or pings from the engine when you accelerate or climb a hill
  • Failure to start but the engine turns over
  • You’re finding it necessary to add oil between oil changes
  • A check engine or other warning signal lights up on the instrument panel
  • Your muffler is making a rumbling or hissing sound
  • The thumping of a tire due to a flaw
  • The clicking of a worn CV joint when you make a tight turn
  • An engine that keeps chugging when you’ve turned off the ignition
  • Moisture or antifreeze odor detected inside the car

If you experience any of these warning signs, please call me and get it taken care of before it becomes a major repair.  A call now will save you time and money. We are just a couple of blocks from Grand Canyon University and you have my word that Fairway Auto Repair is a trustworthy, family owned shop that you can count on!




Don’t Let This Be You!

11 10 2012

It is estimated that 600 deaths a year are a result of bad tires.  Remember, they don’t last forever.  Most tires don’t make it to the 50,000 mile mark. Bald may be beautiful but it isn’t beautiful on your tires!  They need good tread so you have traction and you can stop without sliding. They need to be properly inflated.  Check the number listed on the inside of your car door (not the tire) for the proper inflation for your make and model of vehicle. Have your tires rotated every 5,000 – 6,000 miles.

Proper inflation is also of high importance for the health of your car’s tires. This is a service that should be performed each time you get your car serviced or quarterly.  Many things effect tire pressure, including temperature fluctuations and this puts an unnecessary pressure on your tires which wear them out!  Not only does improper inflation cost you in fuel efficiency, it can lead to tire puncture and poor car handling if left unchecked for a long period of time.

Q: What causes tires to wear out?
A: Tires wear unevenly even when they are properly aligned. Irregularities in the road and of the car can lessen tread and tire life.

Q:  How can one increase their tires’ life?
A:  By having your tires rotated and balanced regularly you can increase a tire’s life expectancy by nearly 50%.

Q:  Why do cars need an alignment?
A:  Even if your tires’ tread looks normal, rough roads and repeated encounters with curbs will make your vehicle’s tires suffer.  Having your car put on an alignment rack once a year will keep the tires healthy.  Incorrect alignment makes tires follow their own paths and causes scrubbing action against the road surface.  In addition to excessive wear, this friction causes the steering wheel to fight the driver, requiring additional efforts to keep the vehicle on the road.  A wheel alignment service should include a careful examination of steering and suspension components.  Even the best equipment and technicians cannot align a vehicle with worn or damaged parts.

Q:  What is the big deal about proper inflation of tires?
A:  Under-inflated tires cause your tires to wear along the sides, while over-inflated tires cause your tires to wear down the middle of the tread.  Radial tires always look a little soft, but don’t be fooled and assume inflation is correct.  Buy a tire gauge and use it monthly to keep your tires properly inflated.  It saves your tires and saves on fuel too!

Q:  What is the best thing one can do for their tires?
A:  Take your vehicle to a service repair facility quarterly to make sure you are driving on the safest and most comfortable tires possible.  You and your passengers depend on them.

Happy Motoring!




Top 5 Breakdowns

26 04 2012

Dale BertramI just read a report listing the top car breakdowns in Arizona and I can vouch for them that these are the top five problems when a vehicle is towed to our shop.

The Fuel Pump
With the high cost of fuel these days, people are waiting until they hear the “beep” to add gasoline.  This is causing a lot of fuel pumps to fail. When you go below a quarter of a tank, the fuel pump is not completely submerged in fuel. This causes undue heat to be generated, the fuel acts as a coolant. We also recommend changing the fuel filter about every 30,000 miles to keep your pump healthy.

Batteries should be tested twice a year.  Our heat in Phoenix absolutely destroys batteries.  When you have it tested you have a better chance of replacing it when it is weak instead of breaking down because it completely fails.  When we service vehicles we also clean the terminals because build up on the terminals weakens their strength.

Radiators and Transmissions
The desert heat will wipe them out. The engine has a gauge in the dash so you can monitor the temperature. Most cars and trucks do not have a transmission temperature gauge. Fluids are the life blood of your vehicle. We recommend fluid exchanges to give these two components a long life.  Using the correct fluid at the correct levels is vitally important.

Hoses and Belts
We inspect these to make sure they don’t feel brittle or mushy or are cracked, frayed or bulging.  We also recommend replacing them according the manufacturer’s suggestion.

Keeping tires rotated and replacing when they lose tread is very important to the safety of motorists.  Keeping them properly inflated extends their life!

For more information visit our website:

Happy Motoring,