How Is Your Transmission?

27 09 2018

Dale BertramThere are two types of transmissions, as you all know; manual and automatic.  Here are some signs that they might need a checkup by a professional:

Automatic –

  • Thankfully today we don’t have to guess as much as we did in days gone by. We have dashboard lights that illuminate to alert of a potential problem.  It could be the “check engine light” and it may pinpoint it even better as a transmission problem by showing the “reduced power” light.
  • If your car simply won’t move even after it starts just fine, this could be telling you a major transmission failure has occurred.
  • Slippage is another indication and is an odd sensation if you have never experienced it before. It may be a simple issue like a control solenoid or a serious issue such as loss of pressure.
  • If you notice a leak on the ground it could be transmission fluid. Look for red (fresh fluid) or shades of red/brown as the fluid ages.
  • Noises you may experience if your transmission is not as healthy as it should be are grinding or whining.

Manual –

  • Just like with an automatic transmission, if your vehicle starts fine, but won’t move, it could be a transmission issue.
  • Shifting issues often indicate worn rings or gear teeth. These can make it difficult to shift gears, cause the gears to clash or even jump out of gear!
  • If you notice a brown leak on the ground, this tells you the gear oil is leaking. A professional can find the leak for you as it can come from a few locations.
  • If you hear a growling, grinding or whining noise, this can signal low fluid, worn bearings and/or gears.

If your car is experiencing any of these problems, please contact your automotive repair professional.  They can quickly diagnose the problem and tell you the best solution for your vehicle.






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