Hot, Hot and Hotter!

20 04 2017

Dale BertramHot days are ahead!  We also drive more in summer months and we need to treat our cars as kindly as we can.  The average American spends 72 minutes a day during the week commuting between work and home…that equals 12 days!  On weekends, holidays and vacations we can pile on even more miles.

Maybe it is because we get more time off in the summer! There is the weekend get-a-ways, vacations, the road trips to see the sights, picnics, getting to the lakes and rivers for boating and fishing, amusement parks, and visits with family and friends at reunions. It is important to make sure your vehicle is ready for the extra wear and tear. We are here to help.  We want you to enjoy your summer without worrying about your car getting you to your destination and back home again.  We’ll make it is ready to go by keeping it well maintained. It is the little things like making sure you keep up with your oil changes, the spark plugs are alive and well, belts and hoses are not cracked or frayed, the charging system is strong, the filters are clean, tires are properly inflated, brakes are able to stop when you need to and the exhaust system is doing its job.

If you take care of your vehicle, it will take care of you!  It will also save you money on vehicle repair as well as save you money at the gas pump.

How do you check gas mileage?

When you fill up your vehicle with gasoline, make a note of the odometer reading.  The next time you fill up, divide the miles driven by the amount of fuel used (gallons).  Read your owner’s manual to find out what gas mileage your vehicle should be getting. If your vehicle isn’t giving you the gas mileage it should, call us and we will have it running at peak performance in no time!  Don’t despair; we are here to help you!




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