Cars Through The Ages: 1900-1930

23 02 2017

Dale BertramOver the next few weeks I thought I would share with you the beginnings of car production in the United States.  I hope you find it as interesting as I do!



1900 – 1910

1900 – American manufacturers make 4,192 cars at a purchase price of $1,000 each.
1901 – The Olds factory begins production in Detroit and produced 425 cars that year.
1902 – Louis Renault invents the standard drum brakes.
1903 – Henry Ford raises $28,000 to found the Ford Motor Company and produces the Model A.
1904 – Ford starts exporting cars to Britain.
1905 – The installment finance plan for cars begins in America.
1906 – America produces 33,500 cars.
1907 – The price of the Ford Model N increases to $600.
1908 – The first Model T is built and 8,000 are produced. GM is started by William Durant.
1909 – At the 5th “Indy Car Race” in Indianapolis, Indiana, Louis Chevrolet wins driving a Buick.
1910 – Automobile production reaches 181,000 in the U.S.A.

1911 – 1920

1911 – The electric starter was introduced to replace hand cranking.
1912 – Cadillac’s come equipped with Delco electric self-starters and electric lighting.
1913 – Ford develops the first moving assembly line for cars.
1914 – Dodge introduces the first car body made completely of steel & Ford production workers now make an industry record of $5 per day.
1915 – Cadillac presents the first successful V8 engine in the U.S.A.
1916 – Manual windshield wipers (patented by Mary Anderson in 1903) are replaced by ones powered by vacuum from the engine’s inlet manifold.
1917 – The first Oshkosh four wheel drive truck is introduced.
1918 – Car registrations in the U.S.A. exceed 5 million.
1919 – Henry Ford pays $100 million to buy out all stock holders of the Ford Motor Company.
1920 – Model T Fords make up half of all motor vehicles in the world.

1921 – 1930

1921 – Lincoln introduces their V8.
1922 – Over one million Model T’s are produced by Ford.
1923 – Over 2,000,000 Model T’s leave the Ford production lines.
1924 – Walter P Chrysler begins to produce his own cars after leaving the position as General Motors Vice President.
1925 – General Motors Research Corp leaves Dayton, Ohio and moves to Detroit, Michigan.
1926 – Cadillac introduces shatter-resistant glass.
1927 – The Model T, after 19 years and fifteen million vehicles ends production.
1928 – Chrysler buys Dodge for $175,000,000.
1929 – 26.5 million cars are registered in the U.S.A.
1930 – Economic depression causes car sales to drop.




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