Gasoline and Additives…Does Paying More Get You More?

5 01 2017

Dale BertramIt seems that gas prices go up and down with no apparent rhyme or reason three or four times each week.  It also seems that mostly the prices are the same but you have that favorite place that is a couple of cents cheaper and the place that is always a nickel or so higher per gallon.  If you used the place that charges more is it really better for your car?  They always say they are better…but if so…what makes them worth the extra?

Relax!  AAA says using the cheaper gas will not hurt your car at all.  Your car’s onboard computer is able to adjust the variables of fuel between brands and drivers will not notice a change in performance.

Just what is the difference in the gasoline?  Gasoline starts as a base when it is delivered to its various destinations.  Then, depending on the company various additives are mixed in.  All of these companies must adhere to the mandates set by the Environmental Protection Agency so using less expensive gas will not hurt the environment.  The off brands and the major brands add their own additive packages to the gas base and most claim it enhances performance and cleans better.

There is really no such thing as bad fuel but the additives cost more so drivers must pay more for it.  The more additives the more claims that the car’s engine is better protected.  We suggest that you check out your owner’s manual and see what type of gasoline they recommend for your specific vehicle.

Many feel that the higher price fuels that promise to keep your vehicle sludge free and more are just marketing gimmicks to get drivers to pay more for the premium fuel.   When asked to participate in independent studies, these higher priced gas companies don’t outright refuse, they just never get back to those asking for it to be done.

If I hear more, I’ll keep you posted!


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