Winter Is Coming…

1 12 2016

Dale BertramThere are so many activities around the holidays: Winterfests, pageants, city light displays and candlelit ceremonies, caroling and shopping, shopping and more shopping!  It is all great fun but can cause stress overload if you aren’t prepared.  Part of the preparations should be getting your car serviced.

 Dry weather driving spoils us here in Phoenix and when the rainy season begins it is often a shock to us.  We have to learn how to drive in it all over again. The oil that accumulates on the highways becomes slippery when wet and can cause our vehicles to slip, slide and spin.  Fog can also be a hazard at times on those colder nights, causing poor visibility. What can you do to be prepared?  Drive carefully and make sure your vehicle is properly serviced.  At Fairway Auto Repair we will make sure:

  • Your tires have good tread
  • Your tires are properly inflated
  • Your wiper blades are still functioning well. After baking in the dry heat they get brittle and don’t perform well.
  • Your fluids are topped off

With just a little forethought, we can all enjoy the season safely!  Happy Holidays, everyone!


Fairway Auto Repair




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