The Ever Changing Car – What You Need To Know

1 09 2016

Dale BertramAAA Findings – The technology of our cars is constantly changing supposedly for the better…yet AAA recorded a record number of breakdowns in 2015 (32 million) despite all the advances. This isn’t just with older vehicles but vehicles that are under five years of age.  Why is this happening?  According to AAA, they are seeing a lot of battery, tire issues and key problems.  The electronic key and ignition systems drain the battery.  The elimination of a spare tire to get better fuel economy is also being felt.  The inflator kit can’t fix everything.  What is another surprising problem?  Over half a million drivers ran out of gas last year!

GDI Engines – Gasoline direct injection engines or GDI increases our vehicle’s fuel economy and controls emission levels…however…it also causes carbon build up on the intake valves which hurts our fuel economy and causes our ride to be sluggish.  Currently, all gasoline will leave a deposit.  The engine is located in the combustion chamber where the temperature is over 500 degrees, and under a great deal of pressure, resulting in carbon buildup.  If your vehicle has a GDI engine, it is important that it have a complete fuel system cleaning to remove these deposits.

Refrigerant – In order to help reduce global warming from air conditioning refrigerant, the USA is starting to phase out R-134a refrigerant by 2021 in new cars.  Some manufacturers are already phasing in the replacement, R-1234yf.  It comes with some challenges, however.  Apparently, R-1234yf can be a fire hazard.  Daimler says it will add an under hood fire extinguisher that will spray the lines to keep leaking refrigerant from igniting.

Coolant – Using the correct coolant is vitally important to your car’s health.  Use the wrong type for your car and it can cause serious damage over time.  Low coolant levels can also cause a lot of distress for your car.  Did you know that 95% of water pump failure is due to never flushing/exchanging the coolant in your car?  Even clean looking coolant can collect abrasive particles that cause damage.  It starts by eroding the water pump seal…then the impeller.  Then it starts on the radiator/heater core.  Next up is the head gasket.  Even with all the additives to give coolant long life…over time the additives will fail.

Vehicle Inspections – Why do we like to inspect your vehicle when you visit…even if you are there for “just an oil change?”  We want to keep your car going for miles to come. The technicians at Fairway Auto Repair are experts in keeping your car healthy and they know what to look for.  To find out more about how Fairway Auto Repair is helping Phoenix drivers on the road, visit our website at


Fairway Auto Repair




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