Where Did The Transmission Dipstick Go?

16 06 2016

Dale BertramI remember when we checked transmission fluid by pulling the dipstick out.  We could tell many things by that dipstick but today it isn’t that simple. Many new models don’t even come equipped with a transmission dipstick!

Automatic transmissions have become marvels of precision and durability over the years. Many are five, six, seven or even eight-speeds and do not have a dipstick to allow checking or adding to the fluid level or inspecting the fluid condition, unless you have specialty tools to do so.

Vehicles with “dipstickless” transmissions came about due to people adding incorrect fluid. For example, a person or non-qualified shop, added or changed the fluid with the incorrect type of fluid. The transmission would fail prematurely because the less expensive fluid did not lubricate properly and failure was eminent. The consumer might put the fault on a poorly designed or defective transmission.

Some of these transmissions are filled with what the manufacturer says is “lifetime” fluid that they claim does not require changing, while other makes may require fluid service at very long intervals that are often 100,000 miles or more. I have seen many transmissions over these last 25 years, and I recommend changing your transmission fluid at 50,000 miles. If our technicians check your fluids and the transmission fluid checks out okay, then a longer change interval is acceptable. Fairway Auto Repair never recommends something your car doesn’t need!

With rules regulating the automotive manufacturers that mandate fuel mileage be increased every year, vehicles have replaced the good old “one type of transmission fluid fits all” cars with very specific synthetic fluids. The cost of today’s transmission fluid can be staggering, ranging from $6.00 to $26.00 per quart. Adding the wrong fluid will damage the internally lubricated parts over time.

Please do your homework when having any service performed, it can be devastating if the wrong fluid or incorrect fill procedure is performed. We want Phoenix drivers to be well informed when it comes to the care of their car.  To find out more please visit our website at www.fairwayautorepair.com!


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