Smarter Cars And Glow In The Dark Roads?

26 05 2016

Dale BertramStandby, Phoenix drivers! Apple is working on a new patent to help drivers be less distracted.  The “CarPlay” system is planning to have on-board sensors which can block a driver from SMS, email, media streaming and tasks that are not related to driving.  It also may be able to sense who is using the technology so if it is a passenger it will unlock the features so that the passenger has access to it!

If you are one of the Phoenix owners of a vehicle that doesn’t come equipped with Apple’s CarPlay…no worries!  They are working on a stand-alone console that will integrate CarPlay technology into all cars.  With this device, drivers can access maps, make voice calls, send and receive messages and listen to their favorite tunes all with voice and touch activated controls.  No word on how this integration stops distracted driving.

Dynamic paint with special foto-luminising powder can light up at night so drivers can see road markings.  Currently this is being used on a 310-mile stretch in the Netherlands so drivers can simply see the “glow in the dark” road markings.  This will save on energy and infrastructure costs because extra highway lighting will be unnecessary!  This is being tested currently with an induction priority lane for drivers with electric vehicles!

As always, I’ll keep you posted as I read and hear more! At Fairway Auto Repair, we aim to keep Phoenix drivers “in the know”!


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