Premium Filters Go The Extra Mile

5 05 2016

Dale BertramCars that indicate when to change the oil are using a software system. It can’t detect the condition of the oil.  It is a mathematical formula that guesstimates. The owner’s manual is generic or “one size fits all.” Manufacturers can’t produce a separate manual based on each driver’s situation or even our Phoenix environment and climate. How often you need to have your car serviced depends greatly on you.

  • Oil isn’t the problem. It is the dirt and debris that gets into it.
  • Today’s engines have smaller passages so we need to keep the dirt and/or sludge out. 

The Filter’s Role

Regular filters are smaller now than they used to be. If sludge develops it crushes the filter and stresses the engine. Imagine using the same coffee filter and grounds for one month.  You still get coffee but the chemistry has changed.

What We Do?

As your car care provider, Fairway Auto Repair knows your car type, your driving habits and the environment and climate in which you drive.  We can determine how often your car needs to be serviced for a long life. We don’t make a big profit on the oil/lube/filter job but it is the most important thing we do to keep your vehicle healthy. We don’t benefit if your car falls apart from neglect and you have to buy a new one. We are here to help you!

What I Recommend

I look at premium oil filters as the means to get extended life out of your oil change.  They are made of better materials.  The regular oil filter is made of paper or cellulose whereas the premium is made of a synthetic.  This synthetic material is able to capture smaller particles and they can hold more than their paper counterparts.

A filter is what protects your car’s engine from contaminants that if allowed to get to the engine can destroy it.  The premium filter keeps your oil clean for a much longer period of time and this keeps your engine safe.

The really good news is:

  • The premium filter is compatible with regular and synthetic oils.
  • The premium oil filter is compatible with almost all makes and models of vehicles.
  • Should you go over your oil change interval a thousand miles or so you don’t have to panic.

The premium oil filter does cost a bit more but since it extends your oil change interval it really comes out equal.


Fairway Auto Repair




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