Don’t Strike Out

7 04 2016

Dale BertramIt seems every day when I hear the news, there is at least one automobile accident tying up traffic on Phoenix highways.  Most accidents are caused by impaired drivers (75%) but sometimes the state of the automobile is to blame.  Here are the top five causes of accidents due to mechanical failure:

  • Brakes – brake pads, leaking brake fluid and a malfunctioning ABS system are all reasons brakes fail.
  • Tires – blowouts, bald tires and improper inflation are all reasons for serious problems.
  • Wipers – If you can’t see to drive because your wipers aren’t doing their job you are in serious danger!
  • Lights – More accidents happen at night and a lot of this is due to dim or otherwise impaired headlights, tail lights, brake lights, blinkers and turn signals.
  • Steering – A car’s steering system is comprised of many parts and of course, overtime, they need to be replaced due to normal wear and tear.

The good news is that the majority of mechanical failures are preventable.  Keeping your car up-to-date on service and repair will certainly less the chances that your car is the problem on the road.  The goal of Fairway Auto Repair to keep the drivers of Phoenix safe at all times.  To find out more about services and repairs to keep your car in great shape visit our website at


Fairway Auto Repair




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