What Will You Do With Your In-Car Time?

10 03 2016

Dale BertramWith self-driving cars on the horizon promising a great experience for the passenger (yes, you are no longer a driver but a passenger!) what will that look like?  Imagine yourself going down the road and you decide to spend your time surfing the Internet.  You and your family are going on vacation.  Since you have more than likely set this up via the Internet and your car is connected it will know this.  It can then send you information on things you might like to do while there and even coupons on special events.

Some say that the self-driving car may become your delivery service.  What if you want to pick up an order from a restaurant or another place of business!  You might be able to arrange for your car to go all by itself! I am just imagining this…it is time for your car to come to Fairway Auto Repair for service.  You arrange an appointment and your car drives itself to our shop, we do the service and send it back home to you!  How about that?

Self-driving vehicles are supposed to cut way back on accidents.  They say that 90 percent of accidents are due to human error and the self-driving car will eliminate this. I do wonder about the other 10 percent…hmmm.

Now the potentially bad news…getting slammed with advertising.  Yes…that has been brought up and of course all involved claim that it will not be a spamming experience but an enhancing experience.  It is supposed to help us plan our day and be a user-friendly tool rather than an annoyance.  We will have to wait and see.

Currently, the average driver in Phoenix spends two hours in their car a day.  It would be nice to use those hours to relax or to be productive.  A self-driving vehicle will certainly make that possible.  Fairway Auto Repair is here as always to make sure your vehicle is ready to go when you need it.  We don’t see that changing with newer technology driven cars.  You can count on us!  To learn about today’s cars and cars of the future, visit our website at www.fairwayautorepair.com!


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