Points To Ponder

21 01 2016

Here are some interesting facts as well as projections for the future that might interest you!Dale Bertram

  • 17.47 million cars sold in 2015…that is a record high!
  • Self-driving vehicles are thought to be more common on our nation’s highways by 2020.
  • California requires that all self-driving vehicles have a steering wheel in order to be legal.
  • Software companies are in a race to outdo each other to provide all the technology your heart desires in your car…so you can have all the comforts of home and office while in commute.
  • The Obama administration wants to spend $4 billion on self-driving cars to push them into high gear!
  • Transportation secretary, Anthony Foxx says the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is working on a best-practices policy for automotive manufacturers.
  • Manufacturers and safety regulators believe 94 percent of fatal accidents due to human error will be eliminated by the self-driving vehicle.
  • While Google experimented in California with the self-driving cars, they experienced 272 disengagements!
  • An Autotrader study says 60 percent of consumers believe, at this time, that self-driving cars are dangerous!
  • The Autotrader study did find that 70 percent of consumers are open to such features as parking assist, traffic-jam guidance, lane warnings and collision avoidance.

I will share more about the future of vehicles in the coming weeks!




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