More Car Myths – Debunked!

22 10 2015

Dale BertramHere are some more car myths debunked.  Some of these may have been true “back in the day” but technology has changed so much that they are no longer true.  It is time to debunk them!

  • Don’t store a battery on concrete as it will lose its charge. This is no longer true because batteries are sealed in plastic to keep them from any leakage.
  • Cars explode when a bullet hits the gas tank. This makes great action movies but in actuality, a bullet will just pass through the tank and not cause an explosion.
  • There is another movie favorite that you can safely hide behind a car when bullets start flying. Bullets can pass through cars so on the chance that you ever find yourself in this situation you better find another shelter from bullets. Think about that the next time you see it in a movie or your favorite police procedural television show!
  • Don’t use your cell phone when pumping gas. This myth has been around as long as cell phones and I have even noticed signs posted at some gas stations telling customers not to use their cell phone when pumping fuel.  The belief was that it can cause an explosion.  This has been investigated and there is no truth behind it so feel free to use your cell phone while pumping gas.

Hope this gives you some “peace of mind.”


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