Pros and Cons of Wireless Connectivity

18 06 2015

Dale BertramWhen our cars were mostly mechanical machines we called those who worked on them mechanics. Now that they are fully integrated information gathering and transmitting vehicles, or computers on wheels, we call those who work on them technicians.  It is a lot more challenging to work on computers on wheels than mechanical machines and that is why our technicians have to constantly take training classes.  We never get to “graduate” and say “we are finished.”  It is an ongoing commitment to education.

I have written recently about the debate on who has access to the information your car gathers.  Who owns the information?  Do car owners’ have a voice on collected data and the rights to it? Who gets to know your exact location at all times; how fast you drive, how many passengers you have with you; how often you brake, use your radio, your phone and so much more?

As with all things that were created for “good” there is always some who can figure out a way to use the creation for “bad.”  Since cars have 50 to 100 mini computers that control vital driving functions each electronic piece is connected to a central control system…and hackers can access this!

Currently we don’t have that many wireless connected cars around…yet.  Vehicles with Bluetooth, remote startup and tire-pressure monitoring systems are the easiest to hack at this time.  All these systems are useful to busy people and of course one has to decide what is more important to them as an individual.

The plus side of wireless connectivity is of course, easy updates.  If your vehicle is recalled it may just need a simple “software update” that can be done automatically.  That is a big plus and will probably keep more cars up to date on the recalls instead of so many being ignored these days.

Automakers are fully aware of the issue and are working to help prevent such a thing from happening.  We can only hope they do it sooner rather than later. I don’t want to hear that a virus has been downloaded (or is that uploaded) to all cars in the world.


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