Taking a Road Trip with Children

4 06 2015

Dale BertramTraveling with children for hours can be less stressful if you carefully plan ahead.  At Fairway Auto Repair we feel that safety is always the main concern followed by your sanity and your children’s comfort.  It is also best not to be the type of person who just wants to get there and doesn’t like to make frequent stops.  Children need to stop on occasion and stretch their legs and run around to release pent up energy.

Make sure you have hand sanitizer and/or baby wipes on hand, a first aid kit and any medications that are needed.  Don’t forget the sunscreen is also a good idea even if you aren’t going to the beach or a pool.  Sunburn can ruin a trip for everyone!

Traveling with an Infant
An infant should never be out of its car seat while the vehicle is in motion.  If you need to feed or change the baby’s diaper you need to go to a rest stop, park or restaurant.  An infant should not be in a car seat in the front seat but the rear seat and until it is twenty pounds AND one year old it should be in a rear-facing car seat.  To keep your infant occupied use clips to secure the baby’s pacifier and also toys that the baby can play with.  This prevents the baby from throwing items to the floor and wanting someone to retrieve them which isn’t safe.  In the case of the pacifier, of course, it isn’t sanitary either.

Traveling with a Toddler
Dress your child comfortably for the trip.  Make sure they can see out the window.  Let them pick out a favorite toy, game and books for the trip.  If possible, purchase some new items and surprise them with them during the trip.  You can also play games by looking for certain items out the car window. Coloring books and crayons or markers are also entertaining.  Keeping them busy makes the trip from Phoenix go faster for them and keeps it peaceful for all.

Traveling with School-Age Children
This is the age where you hear, “Are we there yet?”  Have a variety of electronic games, audio books, books, puzzles and word searches, sticker books, some snacks and movies to help ease the boredom of a long trip.  You might also interest them in games such as the old favorite, “I Spy” or reading vanity license plates, or how many different states are represented on license plates. This all helps keep them entertained.  A variety of activities is key.  Don’t forget batteries and chargers!

Happy travels!




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