30 04 2015

Dale BertramLet’s face it…you will never realize a return on your investment when you buy a car…you might as well make it last as long as possible.  Consumer Reports says that “Keeping your car a long time, specifically for 200,000 miles over the course of 15 years can save more money than the purchase of a new one.” This is not a hardship for many people.

Many of you love your car!  You pamper it, you keep it clean inside and out and you want it to live a good long life.  The newness may have worn off a few years ago but that doesn’t matter…you’ve bonded with this vehicle.

Consumers are keeping their vehicles looking good and running well at over 200,000 miles and counting.  If you love your car and you want to keep it longer, here is how!  All it takes is an application of tender, loving care or as we call it,

The Fountain of Youth

  • Keep it washed, waxed and vacuumed on a regular basis
  • Fluids – just like you, your car must have fluids to be healthy
  • Filters – clogged filters keep your car from breathing properly
  • Battery & Charging System – keeps your car ready to go when you are
  • Belts and Hoses – One snap or break and you are stranded
  • Lights – So you can see and be seen
  • Wipers – Again…so you can see and be seen
  • Tires – Proper inflation and tread keep your car rolling along
  • Suspension – Steers your car in the right direction
  • Brakes – Stopping when you need and want to is a very good thing
  • Exhaust System – Keeps your car pleasant and safe for you and others to be around
  • Drive gently…jackrabbit starts and screeching stops aren’t good for your car!
  • Make sure such items as water pumps and timing belts are replaced before they break.

This is just a small example of all the systems that keep your car running properly.  For those who really love their cars…it shows.  It shows in the way they treat and care for it mile after mile.  Take it from me, a guy who loves cars…nothing makes me happier than to help a vehicle keep going and going and going…




Fairway Auto Repair




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