Future Cars Features – Body Panels

16 04 2015

Dale BertramWhat if the body panels of your car could store energy?
Electric vehicles are not new.  They have been around since the car came into being.  The problem has always been that they don’t take us very far and the infrastructure on our highways haven’t been built yet that would keep us from panicking on a long road trip…and it would cost a lot of money to build.  But auto makers are still trying to find a way to overcome that weakness. What is one lab working on?

Volvo, London’s Imperial College and the European Union are experimenting with advanced Nano-structured batteries and super capacitors built directly into a car’s carbon fiber panels using an advanced resin.  The panels would then be fitted around a car’s frame. The car could be fully charged using a power grid or be “refreshed” while you are driving by “regenerative braking.”

Volvo claims that these carbon panels would charge quicker than conventional batteries while at the same time be pliant enough and strong enough to be a part of the car’s structure. It would also be light weight compared to today’s batteries making it much more kind to our ecology and our economics. The experimental car Volvo has created allegedly has a 15 percent lighter weight and can go 80 miles on one charge and is a mid-size sedan.  80 miles doesn’t seem like much but it is a start in this experiment.

Will these panels make it out of the lab?  Who knows?  But the lighter weight system sounds great, but then again, how well would these panels hold up in a crash?  Do we need to worry about a crash if our cars can also talk to other vehicles, drive itself, and get us where we need to be for longer runs than just 80 miles?

We will have to wait and see what becomes of this research and development!


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One response

10 05 2015
Leroy Bass

This could be a revolution in auto mobile world. It is a good news that the car could move 80 mile on one charge

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