Recalls And Used Cars

19 03 2015

Dale BertramSadly, at this time, there is no law that says a car has to have the “recall item(s)” taken care of before the vehicle is sold. It is a big problem with the potential to be very dangerous. 46 million cars and trucks are on our nation’s highways and byways and many of those…approximately one-fifth…are being driven with defects.

Approximately 5 million of these cars were then resold with the defect to new owners. How can this happen? Because at this time there is absolutely no law that says an individual seller or a used car dealership has to make sure a vehicle with a recall notice is fixed prior to being sold. They don’t even have to share the “recall” information with the new buyer so unless they take steps to get a “clean report” on their vehicle they are completely unaware that they purchased a defective car.

Cars are in service for a very long time these days and as cars and trucks age…so do their parts so the chances of a defect failing is very high. Consider this…64 million vehicles were recalled just last year! That just boggles the mind and according to government data reports 25 percent of car owners don’t bother to honor the recall. It costs them absolutely nothing to fix it except time and apparently that is too high a price to pay for safety.

There was a battle going on between used car dealers and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Used car dealerships don’t think it should be their problem and they don’t want to have to tell a buyer that the vehicle they are buying is defective in any way. They thought it took too much time! Now there is a website where the potential buyer and dealership can key in the 17 digit VIN (vehicle identification number) to find out if the vehicle has an ignored recall.

Used dealerships aren’t the only problem though. My advice, for what it is worth, is always check the VIN number. For one thing, if you are dealing with an individual, by law they don’t have to disclose anything at all to you. Last year alone, out of the 42 million used vehicles resold, almost one-third were sold by individuals…not dealerships.

Be proactive when buying a used a vehicle! It may just save your life!




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