Top 5 Breakdowns

22 01 2015

Dale Bertram1. The Fuel Pump: With the addition of ethanol and other additives in fuel these days it can cause corrosion issues due to people waiting until they hear the “beep” to add gasoline. This is causing a lot of fuel pumps to fail because when you go below a quarter of a tank the fuel pump starts taking in sediment at the bottom. We also recommend changing the fuel filter about every 30,000 miles to keep your pump healthy, if you have an external filter, some filters are integrated with the fuel pump now days.

2. Batteries: Batteries should be tested twice a year once they reach age three. Usually when the temperature changes from hot to cold is when battery failures occur. When you have it tested you have a better chance of replacing it when it is weak instead of breaking down because it completely fails. When we service vehicles we also clean the terminals because corrosion build up on the terminals weakens their strength to conduct electricity.

3. Radiators and Transmissions: We recommend fluid exchanges to give these two components a long life. Using the correct fluid at the correct levels is vitally important. Heat is an enemy of fluids. Cars today run at high temperatures for emission purposes, so keeping an eye on fluid condition will save thousands of dollars in component failures.

4. Hoses and Belts: We inspect these to make sure they don’t feel brittle or mushy or are cracked, frayed or bulging. We also recommend replacing them according to the manufacturer’s suggestion. Again heat and smog are the enemy of rubber components. Don’t wait until you’re on a long planned vacation and break down due to lack of maintenance.

5. Tires: Keeping tires rotated, balanced and replacing them when the tread is below 3/32nds of an inch or over 8 years old is very important to the safety of motorists. Keeping them properly inflated extends their life! Tires naturally lose 2-3 lbs. of pressure per month.


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