Back To School!

21 08 2014

Dale Bertram“Back to school” time is here! We notice more traffic on the highways and teachers, parents, high school students and college students are out in force. This is a time when a car guy like me asks the question…are all these cars road ready? I know when parents are helping to get their children ready for school; clothing, school supplies and books are their first concerns. In fact, parents and teachers are so busy with these items they sometimes forget about servicing their car or their student drivers’ cars.

Grand Canyon University is a great school very near my shop. The parking lot is full of cars…old, new and everything in between. Students are learning skills that will carry them through life. I am going to add my two cents to their education and dedicate this blog post, an encore presentation, to the students and faculty of Grand Canyon University.

School is back in session and it reminded me that sometimes we all need a little refresher course in maintaining our vehicles. The most important lesson to be learned in today’s economy is that preventive maintenance is certainly less expensive than repair. Here are a few items that we routinely check for safety, dependability and savings:

• Fluids – just like you, your car must have fluids to be healthy
• Filters – clogged filters keep your car from breathing properly
• Battery & Charging System – keeps your car ready to go when you are
• Belts and Hoses – One snap or break and you are stranded
• Lights – So you can see and be seen
• Wipers – Again…so you can see and be seen
• Tires – Proper inflation and tread keep your car rolling along
• Suspension – Steers your car going in the right direction
• Brakes – Stopping when you need and want to is a very good thing
• Exhaust System – Keeps your car pleasant and safe for you and others to be around

This is just a small example of all the systems that keep your car running properly. Most mechanical failures can be traced to neglected maintenance. For example, one of the leading causes of mechanical breakdown is overheating, a condition that is easily avoidable.

Throughout our many years of experience we have learned that taking certain preventive measures, such as timely oil changes and multi-point inspections, enable you to avoid many costly repairs and replacement of parts. The best way to avoid expensive breakdowns is by discovering a worn component before it fails.

Hopefully this helps you understand your car’s needs a little better. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. We are here to keep your car healthy!


Fairway Auto Repair




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