31 07 2014

Dale BertramIn the automotive service and repair industry shop owners and their staff do their best to keep their customers’ vehicles in excellent condition.  Not only do they want to keep you safe on the highways, they want to keep the others you share the road with safe as well. The majority of consumers want to know that everything is in proper working order.  Every now and then we at Fairway Auto Repair hear stories about consumers who think inspections or a “laundry list” as they call it, was done in order to make a bigger sale.  This is not the case! I feel it is the shop owner’s duty to point out any potential hazards because consumers rely on them, as the experts in automotive maintenance, to tell them if their vehicle needs work.

Even when a consumer requests “just an oil change” shop owners feel obliged to perform a courtesy inspection. They take their time, free of charge, and give the vehicle a cursory check. This inspection is just a quick, visual look at a few items that could potentially cause the consumer problems down the road if they aren’t dealt with. Please keep in mind that a courtesy inspection is in no way to be taken as a statement on the state of your vehicle’s health.  That would require a more thorough examination.  The courtesy check includes a look at tire tread, air pressure, noticeable leaks, wiper blades, head lights, brake lights and signals, air filter, coolant condition, battery terminals and other quick checks.  If something doesn’t look just right, they will inform the customer.  The consumer can then make an educated decision on having the problem taken care of now or later.

When consumers visit a shop quarterly, as recommended, a more comprehensive inspection or a bumper-to-bumper check is generally performed.  Sometimes a nominal fee for this inspection is required as it takes at least an hour to perform. Brakes, power steering system, wheel bearings, exhaust system, shocks, rotors and drums, belts and hoses, charging system, spark plugs and wires, transmission and more are thoroughly checked. Records are kept on mileage too telling the shop’s staff if it is time for the vehicle’s 30,000 mile checkup as so many things needs to be cared for in those 30K, 60K, 90K, mile intervals.

The next time you take your vehicle in for “just an oil change” or for a quarterly service and your car care provider hands you a list showing you the inspection that was performed, be thankful.  They are just doing their job and their very best to keep you and others on Phoenix’s highways, safer!




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6 08 2014
Lalia Zakrzewski

Thank you so much for your excellent interpretation of all our circumstances – You are a delight to read and very informative ~ Kittle’s Garage North Little Rock, AR.

7 08 2014

Thank you!

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