Recalls Impacted 22 Million Vehicles in 2013!

17 07 2014

Dale BertramIt seems you can’t listen to the news in Phoenix without hearing about yet another recall.  Manufacturers are spending time explaining themselves to Congress and drivers understandably feel anxious.

The 22 million vehicles recalled last year could have one of 632 manufacturer recall problems.  This year we already have 120 recalls affecting 13 million vehicles!  We have heard that some drivers have died as a result of a faulty vehicle and others have been injured. These recalls can be serious.

An auto repair shop in another state had a close call last year. A customer dropped off their vehicle for service after hours.  They put the keys in the night deposit box.  A few hours later a neighbor noticed smoke during the night and called the fire department.  The vehicle had spontaneously combusted just sitting there.  The owner of the car told the shop owner that she needed her car serviced and didn’t think this would happen.  She had made an appointment with the dealership to take care of the recall but they couldn’t see her for a couple of weeks as the parts weren’t in stock.  The shop owner was just glad the owner of the car was safe…and that the car was not inside his shop when it went up in flames! I have never experienced such a calamity at Fairway Auto Repair and I hope I never do.

The majority of the time, however, those recalls are a precautionary measure and your vehicle may not be affected at all.  At Fairway Auto Repair, we always recommend, however, that you don’t ignore a recall.  Just in case…practice safety first!

How does a recall come to be?  Many times the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) gets a number of complaints from drivers.  They investigate these complaints and contact the manufacturer(s). Other times the manufacturer gets complaints and do a number of tests and if the findings warrant it, they will issue a recall at that time.

If you aren’t sure if your vehicle has had a recall notice, visit‎ or ; you can even sign up to receive notifications sent directly to you.

Many seem to ignore recalls as they are not experiencing a problem at the time of the recall notice.  This is not recommended.  Should something go wrong it can cause serious harm or even death not only to the driver but to others in the vicinity of the vehicle.  If your vehicle has a recall notice, it will not cost you anything but a little time and inconvenience to get it taken care of.  The manufacturer must provide the parts and the labor at no cost to you.  Don’t hesitate to ask the dealership for a loaner car or ride to where you need to be if your car has to stay for a period of time.

Keep Phoenix safer by keeping your car up-to-date on recalls. Please…don’t ignore a recall notice.




Fairway Auto Repair




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