V2V Technology And What It Means To You

8 05 2014

Dale BertramV2V or “Vehicle to Vehicle” communication technology is a tool that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is taking steps to enable. Cars and light trucks that can “talk” to each other will significantly cut down on accidents and hopefully prevent them completely.

The Department of Transportation began testing this program in August of 2012 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Nearly 3,000 vehicles were used in the biggest road test of V2V technology. It seems that vehicles can communicate well with each other regardless of their manufacturer. The test was considered a success and does work in a real-world situation.

Consumers seem pleased to embrace this new technology. They are also happy to hear that V2V technology is only concerned for their safety and it does not involve exchanging or recording personal information or tracking vehicle movements. Much of today’s new technology seems intrusive to consumers’ privacy…especially when it can be sold to a third party.

In the next few weeks NHTSA will share its final analysis of its year-long testing with the public. The report will include key areas of concern including the following:

• Privacy and security
• Estimates and costs
• Safety benefits

The next step for NHTSA will be a regulatory plan to include:

• Date required for V2V to be mandatory in new vehicles
• Consistent and applicable legal requirements
• Executive orders and guidance

With V2V technology drivers can enjoy 360-degree situational awareness enabling them to avoid crashes:

• It can let a driver know it is safe to pass on a two-lane road in order to avoid a head-on-collision.
• It can let a driver know it is safe to make a left turn that crosses on-coming traffic.
• It can let drivers know it is safe to change lanes in two or more lanes of traffic all traveling the same direction.
• It can communicate the message that yards ahead an unseen vehicle can be a threat so the drivers can avoid a crash.

The United States is the leader in the global automotive industry and this type of research and development is the reason why. Stay tuned for more updates!




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