Longer Daylight Hours

24 04 2014

Dale BertramSpring is here and summer is close behind.  The daylight hours are longer now and usually that means we drive more.  There is just something about longer days that make us take to the highways and byways!  It is always a good idea to make sure your car is ready! The best place to start is at your auto service and repair shop!

Oftentimes we look at things that don’t always occur to the average driver unless they faithfully read their owner’s manual.  Since it is the most unread book in our nation…I thought it was a good idea to go over some symptoms that need to be mentioned to your mechanic:

  • Have your lights and bulbs checked out at every visit.  This is an easy and inexpensive fix and one of the most important things on the road is to be seen by others.
  • Many drivers spend half the year with the wrong time on their car’s clock…because they don’t know how to change it when daylight savings time comes around.  No problem, we fix that for free so you always know what time it really is!
  • Belts, clamps and hoses are difficult for the average consumer to check out and determine if they are in need of changing…but if they are frayed or rotted…they can cause expensive damage to other parts of the vehicle.  It is a good idea to always have them checked.
  • The radiator or cooling system is a major player when it comes to the overall health of a vehicle.  The levels need to be maintained and periodically flushed to keep the car running at peak efficiency.
  • This is the time of year when many notice their air conditioner is not functioning as it should! Don’t suffer in the heat…have it checked out so your ride is cool and comfortable!
  • Warm weather brings challenges to our windshields…such as more dust and insects that seem to line themselves up to smash on the glass!  Always ask that your wipers be checked out and don’t forget to have the windshield fluid topped off!
  • Tires should always be checked and rotated if need be.  Since they are the only part of the car that comes between us and the road they take a lot of abuse.
  • As always, remember that the life blood of your vehicle is the oil.  This needs to be changed along with the filter.  Don’t delay on this important and inexpensive service.  It keeps your car young and healthy!

Anytime you notice your car, light truck or SUV acting differently, don’t ignore it!  Ask your mechanic and drive with peace of mind!





Fairway Auto Repair




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