Pulling A Code Is Not Diagnosing A Vehicle’s Problem

6 03 2014

Dale BertramToday many drivers, thanks to Infomercials, think all you need to do to diagnose a vehicle’s problem is plug in a device, pull a code, and take it to the parts store, buy the part, get it installed and you are good to go!  If that were the case anyone could do it and my staff and I wouldn’t have to spend hours per year in training classes to stay current in the ever changing world of vehicle service and repair.

Sadly, many shops still say they are “diagnosing” a vehicle’s problem when in fact they are doing nothing more than trying different parts on a car until it finally works.  We in the industry call these shops The Parts Replacers.  It is unfortunate for consumers who trust their car repair to these parts replacers because they have to ultimately pay for every part they tried even if that part wasn’t the one that was needed. They add it to the driver’s tab and keep on replacing until they find one that does the job.

Those of us who stay current with training still find it challenging, at times, to find an intermittent problem.  Unlike the “parts replacer” shops though, we don’t continue to throw parts at a vehicle, at the driver’s expense, hoping we stumble upon the one that does the trick!  We are fully certified and use state-of-the-art equipment to find the problem.

A “code reader” is not the same as our manufacturer-specific diagnostic scanners.  Our equipment accesses and records multiple live streams and these tools do not come cheap.  A $100 plug in “code reader” in no way compares to our diagnostic scanners that can cost $3,000 to $9,000 each. These tools also require a hefty fee to be updated each year.  A full-service shop such as ours has to have OEM scanners for each make so we can service all of our customers’ vehicles correctly and as efficiently as possible.

The proper equipment and the ongoing training required to accurately diagnose a vehicle’s problem is expensive but it is still a lot less costly than simply replacing part after part until you stumble upon the correct one.  We always consider our customers’ bottom line and their safety and that is why we do all we can to make their ride a reliable one.  Training, the proper scan tools to diagnose a problem and quality parts that come with a warranty are a sign of excellence in an automotive service and repair shop and our customers deserve nothing less!





Fairway Auto Repair




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7 03 2014
Lalia Zakrzewski

You have the most wonderful information and explain it so simply that I am comfortable sharing your information with my customers ! Thank You ! Kittle’s Garage North Little Rock, Arkansas 72114

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