Lube Oil And Fuel Economy

16 01 2014

Dale BertramUsually when you hear about fuel economy lube oil isn’t at the top of the list of importance. The manufacturers talk about lighter weight vehicles using different materials and of course lightening up the load the cars carry by taking away the spare tire or donut. You even hear about bio-fuels and hybrid and electric vehicles often as the answer to fuel economy. Not only is fuel economy a hot topic right now but so is how it cuts down on pollution.

Hybrids and electric vehicles have been embraced by many but even so…conventional engines are still the most popular. It has been mandated by the government that these vehicles reach 35.5 mpg for model years 2011-2016.

Lighter weight materials, gasoline direct injection and turbo charging are helping to reach this goal. Ford states that they have manufactured two-million turbo-charged Eco-boost engines since 2009. This year they will introduce a one-liter engine in the Ford Fiesta models.

Research tells us that 70-75 percent of vehicles manufactured in the years 2016 – 2020 will have turbocharged – gasoline direct injection with the highest production taking place at the end of that period. Engines with less than 1.5 liter displacement are predicted to make up 6 – 10 percent of vehicles produced in North America which is certainly an uptick considering we currently have none. All these improvements create challenges, however.

Here are some technological challenges that must be overcome to make these engines efficient all the way around:

• Steel timing chains in Gasoline Direct Injection engines can wear out quickly.
• Gasoline Direct Injection engines cause high oxidation of lube oils.

What is the answer to these problems? Upgraded varieties of chemicals for lube oil additives to keep the engines in good running condition. Lube oils will remain the life blood of vehicles; it seems, for at least a few more years to come. Then as now, maintaining a vehicle is important to keep it going, keep it fuel efficient and keep our environment safe and clean.





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