How To Keep Your Car Young

9 01 2014

Dale BertramMost of us get excited about buying a new car but we also know that keeping that car for a few years is great on our budget. In order to do this we have to treat it right.  Here are a few pointers for keeping your car youthful and limiting the amount of repair it will need!


  • Don’t let your car idle for too long as it makes it difficult for the oil pressure this causes to go to every part of the engine as it should.
  • Always try to keep your engine’s RPM below 3,000.
  • When you start your car do not rev the engine as this causes it to age quickly.
  • Most wear and tear to the engine and drive train happens in the first 20 minutes of operation due to fast acceleration.
  • On chilly days it is tempting to let your car “warm up” by idling, however this keeps your engine from operating at peak conditions.  This causes soot deposits on cylinder walls; it contaminates the oil and can damage other components.
  • Jack rabbit starts and driving at high speeds causes your vehicle to need repairs much more often.
  • To save your tires, avoid curbs and of course…don’t burn rubber!
  • Save your ignition switch by limiting the amount of keys you have dangling from your key chain.

These are just a few items to keep in mind to help your vehicle age gracefully and it saves you money on repairs.  Keep up your car’s scheduled maintenance service (oil changes, tire rotates and other basics) and your car should see you through many miles ahead.





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