Driving A Smart Car

2 01 2014

Dale BertramToday when we think about driving a smart car we think of the tiny cars we see rolling around town. Sometimes they seem so small you just know that in an accident they won’t do very well. This isn’t what I’m talking about today though, when I talk about a smart car.

I’m talking about cars that have all the smart phone capabilities built in. It makes driving more like being the captain of a space ship. It comes equipped with all the computer technology. Imagine that dashboard. Then there is Google’s driverless car. Yes…this car allows you to stop concentrating on driving and instead spend quality time surfing the Internet.

General Motors recently announced that it will have most of its 2015 vehicle lineup embedded with 4G LTE broadband. Yes…your car will be a WiFi hotspot equipped with in-vehicle communications and entertainment.

It makes sense when you consider how much time we spend just driving to and from work, even though many, through technology, are working remotely. That still leaves roughly 119 million of us, out of the 250 million of us in the United States, who drive to work. That means on average we spend 23,514,400,000 hours commuting collectively.

That does make a driverless car more attractive because hopefully it won’t get distracted like we do. I know it scares me to see a woman driving, looking in a mirror and putting on mascara, and I’ve seen men doing pretty much the same as they look in the mirror while shaving. It is very difficult to keep your eyes on the road when you have your face pressed up to the mirror. I’ve also witnessed those munching on a Big Mac as they drive down the highway. I can surely understand why there are a lot of fender benders. People still talk on their phones, hands free yes…but still distracted…especially if it might be an upsetting phone call. I try to tell myself it isn’t any different than listening to the radio but I do wonder.

We must be prepared…it is already here…not available to the public in general yet…but it will be very soon. Don’t worry though…you can rest assured that when your smart vehicle, driverless or not, needs service and repair, we are here for you! We have the best…smart technicians who are very capable. Yes…we can’t just be good with a wrench these days…we have to be computer savvy as well…and we are!





Fairway Auto Repair




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