The Ghost Of Cars Future

20 12 2013

Dale Bertram

Before long a car again appeared before me and a back door opened for me!
“Get in Dale.” It commanded as once more I was off to see what I could see!
We went through the wall of my house again in this car so high tech!
It was driverless, of course and had technology galore just as in Star Trek!

“Dale, this is the wave of the future,” stated the car’s computer to me.
I felt I was on the bridge of a starship! “Is this really how the future will be?”
“Yes, Dale. The future is much closer than you think. You must be ready!”
I was excited of course but my heart, the beat seemed to be a bit unsteady!

“Dale, you read about this all the time! You aren’t really surprised, are you?”
“No computer, I’m not really. I just thought I would have more time to accrue!”
“Prepare yourself, Dale. Prepare your staff too! The time is very soon, Dale!
“In this time we have more computers than ever before with more knowledge to glean.

You must learn to maintain them, to fix them like new! More scan tools you’ll need,
More classes, more training, so much more you must do! My advice you must heed!
I watched as the computer revealed so much! It was amazing for me to behold!
The future is upon us and oh joy! All this technology will be here before I’m old!

I watched some more footage, and the more and more I excited I became at all this!
It seems so amazing, like science fiction and more; I was feeling nothing but bliss!
Then I paused and puzzled and finally asked, “Computer, why me? Why choose me?”
The computer did not hesitate an instant, it replied, “You care about cars, it’s easy to see!”

“Yes…I really do care and work hard to give cars the service and repair they need!
But many shop owners feel the same way and work hard each and every day indeed!”
“Exactly,” the computer replied. “Each and every one of them was visited this night as well.
We visited other wonderful, deserving shops too and this information to them we did tell.

Vehicles the world over need shop owners, service advisors and technicians that care!
We are spreading the word so these chosen ones can teach drivers everywhere!
They must learn how important it is to properly care for their SUV’s, trucks and cars,
So don’t delay, get the word out to all!” With that I was once more up in the stars!

Soon I was sitting alone in my chair. I was pondering all that I had learned that night.
We do well saving cars but could we do better? Can we make it all be all right?
My family came through the front door; we talked, went to bed and turned out the lights,
I knew we could do it, the shops the world over that cared just like me! It was a good night!


Fairway Auto Repair




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