The Ghost Of Cars Present

12 12 2013

Dale Bertram

I settled back down in my easy chair hoping for a dreamless nap,
When I was disturbed by a set of keys being thrown in my lap!
I jumped up from the chair and dropped the keys to the floor
As there before my startled eyes was a ghostly car once more!

“Get in!” said the car, “We have places to go and people to see!”
I opened the door and got in and started the car as decreed!
We flew through the wall which was really kind of cool!
But before I could savor the moment, we parked in front of a school!

“We need those who are gifted, computer savvy and good with scan tools!
We need those with business sense, those with smarts, we need kids that rule!
I know that you work with them and give them scholarships and more!
Keep doing it as vehicles everywhere need them, but we need more and more!”

Next thing I knew the car flew on and we were hovering above a parts store!
“Good quality parts keep cars going, keep us healthy, our worn condition restores!
Parts of good value, dependability and a warranty that stands the test of time,
Those are what we want installed! Not cheap parts that destroy us in our prime!”

We then drove on in the dark, starry sky and the moon shone brightly above.
The car paused before several shops in the area, hovering above like a winged dove.
“Good staff is a must in this business you’re in. Shops everywhere need the best!
You keep yours trained and many other shop owners do too! You must inform the rest!

It is the right thing to do! Our technology is changing, almost weekly it seems!
Many technicians don’t get the training they need and their lack makes us steam!”
I knew what he meant. Most shops are striving to be the very best that they can,
But some do no training and use poor quality parts! To improve is not their plan!

Soon we flew back to my home, back through the wall and I was soon in my chair!
The car idled a moment and then gave me such a look, a look of fear and despair!
“We are counting on shop owners like you, those of you who really do care,
To save cars, SUV’s, and light trucks, to keep us from junk yards everywhere!

The Ghost of Car Future will be your final visitor before your night ends!
Heed what he tells you as our future rests in your hands, on you we depend!”
I leaned back in my chair as the car faded away and closed my eyes for a rest,
Anxious to get this over and done with and start helping cars everywhere in their quest!


Fairway Auto Repair




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