The Ghost Of Cars Past

5 12 2013

Dale Bertram

It had been a very busy week at Fairway Auto Repair,
We had so many cars to repair but thankfully we are survivalists!
My wife was out finishing up some last minute shopping,
And my children were out with friends and I just felt like flopping!

I sat down in my favorite arm chair recliner and closed my eyes,
It felt so good to rest from the holiday bustle I just settled down with a sigh!
It seemed only a few moments when I was awakened by a strange noise,
My slumber was interrupted and I admit it, I was very annoyed!

I started to get from my chair to see what on earth was the matter,
I wanted to find out what had caused all that unnecessary clatter!
I quickly fell back down in my chair as there appeared before me
A pale apparition, it was pale and unseemly to my weary eyes!

It suddenly seemed to take on a slightly more solid form as I stared
In disbelief, I tell you, with my heart beating loudly, you bet I was scared!
It was an older model car and it appeared to have patches of rust,
It moaned and it groaned and finally it spoke, “Listen to me, oh you must!”

I was a good car to my owners, I gave them my best, I gave them my all!
They were proud of me at first but they didn’t take me in for my recall!
They didn’t take me to have my oil changed, or tires rotated or coolant exchanged,
I served them as long as I could, mile after mile until suddenly I felt so strange!

It was then that I found myself hooked up to a tow truck and hauled off to a shop,
I heard the technicians exclaim at my condition and all my hope seemed to drop,
You see, my engine blew that day from lack of service, or so the technicians say,
And when a car goes without fluids and without service, well…my engine died that day!

I looked at the car sadly, I have seen this neglect far too often, but what could I do?
I quoted an engine and such to the owner, I said when I was done it would be like new!
The owner just shook their head and had you towed away the very same day,
I tried to save you! I honestly did! I talked until I was blue but they couldn’t be swayed!

The car gave a rattling sigh. “I know you did your best but this tale must be told!
It happens far too often due to lack of routine and timely services and to stop it we must be bold!
It is up to you to share and share often the high cost of such meaningless neglect!
It is time for cars and technicians everywhere to rise up and demand some respect!”

I explained to the car all the marketing I do monthly to get the word out to save them!
“You will be visited by the Ghost of Car Present!” the car said, and then the light went dim!
Quickly it faded away and I was left staring wondering if it had all been a bad dream?
I guess I would have to just wait and see. Tomorrow I would share this with my team!


Fairway Auto Repair




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