Happy Thanksgiving!

27 11 2013

Dale Bertram

Thanksgiving is such a special time to be with family and friends,
The time together is often short and we are sad when it must end.
We are thankful for all our loved ones and the blessings we receive,
Thanksgiving is the best time; at least that is what I believe.

Before you enjoy some turkey, green bean casserole and stuffing,
I would like you to pause and consider before you eat that corn muffin,
All the things your car does for you each and every single day,
To get you where you need to be and back again without delay.

Yes, your car will get you to the store to buy the Thanksgiving feast,
The turkey, the yams, the gravy, the cranberries and rolls made of yeast!
Before the time comes to sit down and enjoy pecan, apple, and pumpkin pie,
I am asking you to take a moment to consider your trusty ride!

Does the oil need changing; and is the air filter black with grime?
Does the windshield wiper need replaced? We can do that in no time!
Does your car jiggle at certain speeds, does it squeal when you apply brakes?
Does it knock and ping when going up a hill? Does it sometimes seem to shake?

Do any lights on the instrument panel illuminate? Do your tires go thump?
Does your muffler make a hissing sound? Do you feel it when you go over a bump?
Does your engine keep a chugging when you’ve turned the ignition to off?
Does your car sometimes make a strange noise, like a human when we cough?

If you notice any of these items or more you need to see us before Thanksgiving!
Make an appointment and to keep your car healthy; make sure it is one you’ll be keeping!
Remember after Thanksgiving comes the most hectic day of the year…Black Friday!
Before you shop until you drop, call us today, please for your car’s sake, don’t delay!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Fairway Auto Repair!


Fairway Auto Repair




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