The Importance Of Choosing The Correct Oil

21 11 2013

Dale BertramIf you purchase your own oil for your vehicle you need to always check your owner’s manual so you select the correct oil for your vehicle. The American Petroleum Institute Service Classification can be found on the oil’s label in what we call the API Donut to make it easier to select the proper oil.

Here is what you will see….API SERVICE SN on current oil classifications. The SN means the oil was introduced in October of 2010 for 2011 vehicles and newer. The good news is this type of oil is perfectly safe to use in older vehicles as well.

Here is a little history lesson of oils through the ages:

• SA oil was the very first that API ever classified. These oils were for engines built before 1930. These days, of course they are considered obsolete.
• SB oil was for cars built from 1930 – 1962
• SC oil was for car years 1963 – 1967
• SD oil was for car years 1967 – 1971
• SE oil was for car years 1971 – 1979
• SF oil was for car years 1979 – 1987
• SG oil was for car years 1988 – 1992
• SH was for car year1993 – 1996
• SJ was for car years 1997 – 2000
• SL was for car years 2001 – 2003
• SM was for car years 2004 – 2011
• SN is for car years 2011 and current

Currently, if the number in the API donut is not showing an SN, SM, SL or SJ then it is obsolete. Again, always consult your owner’s manual. Oils are constantly changing to make them more resilient, longer lasting and better for our environment.





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