Increasing Your Car’s Value

14 11 2013

Dale BertramIf you are a driver that likes to drive your car a few years and then trade it in or sell before purchasing a new one, here are a few hints to make sure you keep its value high.

1. A well maintained vehicle always help you get more for your used car and purchasers of used cars are savvy enough these days to take a car they are considering buying to a good technician to make sure it was well maintained. A technician can quickly assess if a car has had regular service over the years. It also goes a long way if you have the paperwork available to prove it so keep those receipts handy.
2. A car that looks great, inside and out is also perceived as good value. Keep it washed (once a week is a good idea) and waxed (once a month) to protect it. Keep it clean on the inside too with regular vacuuming and cleaning.
3. Cars that have lingering smells such as cigarette smoke or wet pets brings the value down quickly or nixes the sale altogether. It is very hard to keep those odors out of your vehicle but do try on a regular basis. If you wait until you are about to sell it your chances are slim.
4. Are you one who likes to drive around in a neon-colored car? Perhaps you have a Mary Kay pink car. Unusual colored vehicles can be off putting to prospective buyers. White, black and silver are the most popular color of cars for a reason…they can look classic and don’t draw unnecessary attention to themselves.
5. High mileage vehicles are harder to sell. If you put 12,000 – 15,000 miles a year on a vehicle you are average. If you rack up more miles than that it could lower the car’s value. Likewise, a car that has sat in a garage for months without being driven is at risk. A car needs to be driven to run well.
6. Severe modifications can make selling a car difficult. Make sure if you don’t plan to keep your vehicle that any modifications you make don’t void the manufacturer’s warranty. Souped-up engines and oversized tires and other added features can be a detriment when you go to sell.

If you plan to keep your vehicle until it can’t go another mile, then just keep it well maintained for safety reasons and enjoy your ride your way!





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