In-Car Technology = Frustration For Consumers

7 11 2013

Dale BertramWe all love the idea of in-car technology because it keeps us connected on the go and it is becoming a convenience we feel we can’t live without. This technology is supposed to make our lives easier. It is a fact though…in-car technology keeps consumers coming back to the repair shop because they can’t get it to work correctly. It is currently the number one source of complaints.

Just like me, repair shop owners across the country are discovering that it isn’t the technology itself that is flawed. The consumers who buy these new cars with the built-in technology haven’t been educated in how to properly use it. The technology is working exactly the way it should, the way it was designed to work. It took us all a little while to figure this out as we had to look at each vehicle on a case by case basis but after a few months we had that “Ah ha” moment. It wasn’t the technology at all; it was the lack of education for the end user.

Each year when the new model cars are rolled off the assembly lines they are fully loaded with technology so the complaints are growing daily as more consumers are buying new cars now. The main issues that we see in our shop today are such things as syncing Bluetooth systems to their phones and setting up their hands-free navigations systems. We also help them with their keyless entry systems.

We go the extra mile and if the problem is something the consumer needs to be educated on, we take the time to show them exactly how the technology works and what they need to do in order to access it…to get it to work properly. Once they have the knowledge of how it all works, they love their new car again.

Helping our customers has always been our goal…and if that now includes educating them on new-car technology…then we are here to do just that! If you are having trouble navigating your new car’s technology just give us a call…we are here to help you!





Fairway Auto Repair




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