Once Upon A Halloween

31 10 2013

Dale Bertram

It was Halloween early when they towed her in,
A scarier sight I had of late seldom seen!
An eerie mist was coming from under her hood,
We carefully placed her in sick bay as gently as we could.

I and my crew did a visual check
“Two bald tires and some leaks!” said my lead tech.
We let her cool down as around her we stood,
Then very carefully we opened her hood.

We knew right away her cooling system was finished!
We searched on but my hope was diminished.
The engine oil I could see had turned into sludge,
I looked at her with sorrow till one tech gave me a nudge.

He looked me right in the eye and said, “We can save her boss!
His confidence helped me as he assured me all was not lost.
“The brake pads are good and the charging system too!
The exhaust system is okay and now we know just what to do!”

They estimated the labor and they called about the parts,
They did all they could do with all of their soul and their hearts.
In a while they delivered the estimate to the service writer and me,
All the parts and all the labor tallied for us both to see.

I looked it over and I somehow felt such despair!
The price of car neglect is the high price of repair!
It all could have been avoided by regular car care,
If only the owner had listened, if only they cared!

Now they have a repair cost that gives most such a fright!
It all could have been prevented by treating their car right.
Preventive maintenance is the key to an invoice that is light.
What scares me the most on this Halloween Night?

It’s not goblins, skeletons, ghosts or werewolves or witches,
Its cars being driven that aren’t safe that gives me the twitches!
How long has it been since your car has been in for service?
Heed this tale to prevent an invoice that makes you nervous!

Make an appointment with your car care provider today!
Driving safely is important so please, please don’t delay!
I’m wishing you all the very best time on Halloween!
And I’m here to help you…just please ask for me!


Fairway Auto Repair




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31 10 2013

Thank you so much for this !

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