The Hidden Cost Of Car Ownership

17 10 2013

Dale BertramOften, when we decide to purchase a car, the fancy bells and whistles call to us and before we know it, we are driving away in our fully-equipped new ride. Sometimes those bells and whistles come back to bite us! Here are a few that when it is time to replace, might make you say, OUCH!

• Oversized Tires and Wheels – Sure, they look cool and while they last you feel great every time you look at them. Sooner or later though, they wear out and need to be replaced and then you may be looking at $400 plus just for one new tire! To replace the wheel…even more!

• Four-Wheel Drive – If you don’t have an occasion to drive your vehicle in snow and rugged terrain, you might do better skipping a four-wheel drive vehicle. These systems are complex and have lots more moving parts for something you might never use.

• Built-in Navigation – With technology changing so fast, you can be sure this system will be outdated and lose its value long before the vehicle itself will. A portable device will be much more up-to-date as technology keeps on advancing and a lot less expensive to replace than a built-in system.

• Back-up Camera – These are great but look before you buy! Many of these “sensors” are located around the bumper area and are more likely to get hit. It can cost around $860 to replace these cameras. Look for cameras located on the rearview mirror where it isn’t as likely to be damaged.

• Power Doors and More – These are a great convenience. The downside is when they lose the power…it can cost you $1100 plus! When this happens it might just make you long for the day when you manually opened the sliding door or raised the hatch!

Before you purchase a new car, these are just a few of the items that can lead to an expensive repair down the road. Many consumers are still amazed at the cost of fixing moon and sun roofs so keep this in mind. The more features you add the higher the cost of your vehicle…both when you buy it brand new and down the road when repairs or replacement are needed.





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