I Can’t Say It Enough!

3 10 2013

Dale BertramI try not to get on my soapbox very often but this particular issue is so important that I just can’t let it go! If your car or truck gets a recall notice, please don’t ignore it! They are issued to keep you safe and others around you. In 2011 alone, over 2.7 million used cars were listed online for sale that had safety recalls that were never fixed!

I know it seems our lives get busier and busier every day. I hear retired persons say they are busier than when they worked full time. I get that. What I don’t get is jeopardizing lives by simply ignoring recalls! They are FREE to fix so yes…time is important but not more important than safety.

One way we can all help is before buying a used car, go online and check to see if there was a recall and if the repair was performed. It is very simple to do! It could save a life! Some vehicles can actually catch on fire, depending on the recall, and if it is parked in a garage attached to your home you might lose much more than your car. If it is parked inside a repair shop awaiting service or repair unrelated to the recall…well…just imagine.

Carfax is taking the lead to end this by working with auto manufacturers to make unsuspecting consumers aware before they spend their money on an unsafe vehicle. If you are in the market to purchase a used car, just visit recall.carfax.com and key in the vehicle identification number.

Be safe, not sorry!





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