Stop, Look and Listen

19 09 2013

Dale BertramI remember being taught at a young age to stop, look and listen before I crossed a road or a railroad track. This important lesson applies to our cars as well.

Whenever I have a repairman come to my house I always tell them detailed information such as when I first noticed the problem and other relative information. They always comment that they wish all their customers were that thorough as it would make their life so much easier. I explain that I work in auto repair so I understand how important information can be when fixing a problem.

It is very important to stop, look and listen to our vehicles. They really do talk to us, we just don’t usually listen. Instead we are talking, preoccupied with life’s situations or listening to music.

When you do take a moment to listen you can detect problems while they are still minor and less expensive to repair. The more information you can give your service provider the faster and more accurate they can be with diagnosis and repair. All this saves you time and money.

Today’s vehicles are very complex and many vehicle systems interact with each other, making diagnosis much more complicated than in years past. Fifty years ago cars used mechanical gauges to inform the driver of a problem. They monitored four things: fuel, oil pressure, amperage and engine temperature. Today every major system in your car is monitored by sensors and computer processing units (CPU’s). In fact, they can have as many as 20 different CPU’s and 80 different sensors monitoring the operation of various components in your car.

We have had customers refuse to give us information because they thought it would make the repair more expensive. Actually, the opposite is true. All the facts help us diagnose the problem quicker which costs you less. If we don’t have all the facts then repairing your vehicle quickly and economically isn’t as easy.

Remember, when it comes to vehicle repair, the more we know the better so take the time to stop, look and listen.





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