The King Of DIY

12 09 2013

Dale BertramI’ve heard of a woman who loves her husband dearly but sometimes feels in despair. Why? Because he is the King of Do It Yourself! What is the problem? Let me list a few of his qualities and see if any of these sounds familiar!

• The couple had a bathroom sink that was draining slowly. The wife was searching for plumbers on the Internet when the husband told her, “No worries! All we need is some liquid drain cleaner!” He went to the store and purchased some and placed it on the sink. After a month it is still sitting there!

• The wife has been jiggling the handle of one of the bathroom toilets for over a year. She was cleaning out a closet the other day and found the toilet repair kit her husband had purchased and left sitting in the bathroom on the floor for weeks.

• The garage door is not working properly and both their cars are still parking in the driveway…but the various parts and tools to fix it are now parked inside the garage.

• The roof has a leak so every time it rains she moves a 5 gallon bucket to catch the drips…but the shingles and other items needed to fix it have been purchased by her husband and are sitting in the corner of the room where the leak is.

• Her windshield sticker says she has driven several miles since her oil and filter was due to be changed…but her husband has purchased the oil and the filter and they are sitting in the back seat of her car.

I could go on but we’ll stop here. It is always easy to go to the store and purchase items needed to maintain and repair our homes and cars. The hard part comes when you don’t have the expertise or the time or either to get the job done. Buying the necessary items and sitting them close to the job that needs attention does not get the job done.

Don’t let this be you…call the professionals!





Fairway Auto Repair




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