The Back To School Dash!

22 08 2013

Dale BertramIt doesn’t seem to matter whether you have school-aged children or not, back to school time seems to affect most drivers. The lighter traffic we enjoyed during our morning commute comes to an abrupt end. We have to be more aware than ever of young people waiting for the bus in the early morning darkness. We have to slow down in school zones and be extra careful in case a child dashes out in front of you. We have to allow time for extra cars and buses on the highway.

If you do have children going back to school, teach or work for the school system in some capacity, your life gets more hectic than ever. There is the long list of school supplies to purchase, sports and other after school events, homework to squeeze in among all the other activities and meet the teacher nights.

So how does this relate to automotive service and repair? I’m just reminding drivers everywhere to remember your vehicle has needs too. Why do I do this now? Because I know when life gets more hectic it is easy to forget our vehicles’ needs.

Unfortunately, when we forget to have our cars serviced they break down. When life is hectic before your car breaks down, it is even more so when it does…our carefully staged work-life balance comes crashing down. We realize at that moment just how important our vehicles are to us and how living without them is near impossible.

Back to school really does affect us all one way or the other so this is just my friendly reminder that in the back ground, that wonderfully engineered vehicle you take for granted as always being ready to go when you are has needs as well. And remember… maintaining your vehicle on a quarterly basis saves you money too!





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