Be Prepared – Accidents Do Happen

14 03 2013

Dale BertramSeventy percent of traffic accidents do not involve injuries. It doesn’t seem to matter though, whether you have a fender bender or total your vehicle; accidents cause a lot of stress. It is always a good idea to keep a check list in your glove box just in case of an accident so you can more calmly assess the situation and act in a rational manner. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Know What Your Insurance Covers before You Find Yourself in an Accident
• Do I have rental car coverage?
• Do I have comprehensive coverage (covers theft, fire, vandalism, glass replacement and deer claims)?
• How much is my deductible?
• If I have an accident, what kinds of parts will be used to repair my vehicle (new original manufactured parts or new aftermarket parts or reconditioned parts)?
• What does full coverage mean (you have collision but not necessarily rental, comprehensive or new original manufactured parts coverage)?

Immediately After The Crash
• Call 911 if someone is injured or call the police if not.
• If possible and there isn’t a lot of damage to the vehicles move them a safe distance from traffic.
• Exchange information
• When the police arrive they will fill out an official accident report for you.
• Report the accident to your insurance company as soon as possible.

Questions to Ask Your Body Shop
• Can I get a written estimate and an explanation of planned repairs?
• Will I receive a written guarantee from your shop?
• When is my deductible due?
• Will my vehicle be available for the insurance adjuster’s inspection?
• What is the estimated completion date of my repairs?
• Will I owe more than the insurance estimate?

Remember, you can choose who you take your car to for repair. Your insurance can certainly recommend a body shop to you but it is wise to check out a reputable shop before hand so you aren’t stuck with less than ideal repairs. Hopefully you won’t be in an accident any time soon but being prepared is a always recommended.

Happy Motoring!





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