Something To Consider

21 02 2013

Dale BertramCooks and health enthusiasts frequently discuss the virtues of different cooking oils. They claim one is better for your heart, this one is better to cook with, this one is better to bake with and on and on it goes.

Unless you are a car enthusiast, chances are you don’t give your motor oil a great deal of thought beyond getting it changed at regular intervals. While that is very responsible you should be aware that just like there are various oils for cooking and some are healthier than others, this is also true for motor oil.

Motor oils have a very important function which is to protect a crucial, expensive piece of technology…your car’s engine. For this reason, if you try to cut corners or save money by using off brands that don’t meet your car’s manufacturer’s requirements, your warranty could be voided should the engine become damaged as a result. Oil lubricates, cleans, cools, seals and performs many other critical functions to keep your car healthy, enhance fuel economy, prevent sludge and varnish deposits and maintains the ability to flow properly even in low temperatures.

Always make sure the oil that goes into your vehicle meets the manufacturer’s requirements for use in your engine. This will help your car have a long and healthy life!

Happy Motoring!





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