Show Your Car Some Love This Valentine’s Day!

14 02 2013

Dale BertramYour car care provider can keep your car operating at peak efficiency mechanically speaking. Keeping the car looking good, however, is something you can do. At least twice a year take it to a car wash service that will clean it inside and outside for you. A good wax job twice a year is also important to protect it from the environment. Then a weekly wash will help maintain its good looks.

Tree sap, bird droppings, gasoline and other harsh materials play havoc with your vehicle’s finish. Remove them as quickly as possible.

Don’t forget the carpet! Even with protective floor mats dirt and debris have a way of seeping underneath and attacking the carpet. Keep the mats cleaned too! Clean and rinse the wheel wells, trim pieces and inside the door edges.

Having clean windows is a must for safe driving! Don’t forget the inside windows. It is amazing how dirty they can really get!

72% of American car owners wash their cars monthly, some (7% men, 3% women) wash their cars more than once a week! 46% wash by hand at home, 22% use automatic car washes, 16% use the do-it-yourself car washes, 15% full service car washes and 1% other forms.

Keep it clean and the resell value will be higher!





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