We Have The Solution For Baldness And Lack Of Integrity

17 01 2013

Dale BertramAt Fairway Auto Repair we have the solution for baldness and lack of integrity (structural integrity that is) for your car’s tires! When we inspect your vehicle’s tires here are a few items we pay close attention to:

• Tires age faster in warmer, sunny climates!
• Infrequent use can cause tires to age faster. Tires on collector cars/recreational vehicles or other less frequently driven cars may keep their tread but lose their structural integrity.
• To find out how old your vehicle’s tires are, we check on the sidewall of the tire. The tire’s identification number (begins with a DOT) ends with the week and year the tire was manufactured (last four digits).
• Over or under inflating tires cause them to wear out faster. We also make sure they are at the proper level of inflation.
• If you haul heavy loads those tires need to be inspected to make sure they are holding up.
• Road hazards (holes, construction sites, and more) are hazardous to tires’ health. Not only can they cause cars to go out of alignment they can also hurt the structural integrity, pick up nails and other hazards.
• We rotate your tires every 6,000 miles or so to decrease the bald factor.
• We make sure we install tires properly with up to date equipment to slow the aging factor.

We recommend tires be replaced every five years on average depending on tire manufacturer, use and wear and tear. Meanwhile, with inspections every six months we can keep them from balding and losing their structural integrity to keep you safe on the roads!

Happy Motoring!





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