The Life Of A Vehicle’s Battery

10 01 2013

Dale BertramToday battery’s seldom makes it for two years! I know that doesn’t sound like a long time for a battery but consider all they do these days. Our cars’ batteries carry a much heavier load than those of years gone by. Think about all the electronics in our cars, GPS systems and multiple computers…they require a reliable source of power and that is the battery. Most batteries fail due to sulfation buildup. This buildup coats the battery’s lead plates and the battery dies.

Here are a few of the causes of sulfation buildup:

• Vehicles sit too long. If a car hasn’t been driven for 24 hours on a hot day it can fail. It can go a little longer in cooler weather.
• Using cheap battery chargers
• Short trips
• If you live in an area where temperatures outside reach 100 degrees or more don’t let it just sit without driving it around…even a fully-charged battery won’t hold up well in this scenario if left to sit for 24 hours. Give it a good run as a short trip won’t help keep the battery charged.
• Cold temperatures aren’t good for a sitting car’s battery either as a deeply discharged battery will freeze solid in sub-zero temperatures.

Only 30% of batteries make it to 48 months and 80% of battery failure is due to this sulfaction buildup. Make sure your battery is checked each time you have your car serviced and when it needs replacement, get one that is built to hold up as that is less expensive in the long run than buying cheaper ones that just have to be replaced more often.





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