Don’t Get Flushed By An Unscrupulous Automotive Repair Shop

3 01 2013

Dale BertramHave you noticed how many automotive service and repair shops are advertising fluid flushes/exchanges these days? They may have never seen you or your vehicle before but when you try them for an oil change that is one of the first services they suggest. In fact, it is getting to be just as common as an oil change.

When does your vehicle need a fluid exchange service?
• If your vehicle failed a scientific test (brake fluid and coolant have tests)
• If your vehicle has gone many miles since its last service
• If your vehicle manufacturer recommends it
• If the color of the fluid is dark or smells burnt
• If your vehicle tows heavy loads

A fluid exchange is a legitimate service that is necessary but only if it really needs to be done and it doesn’t need to be done every 3,000 miles. Always ask for proof! (That will throw them off! I’m sure you will witness a lot of stammering!) Back flushing is actually harmful because this can plug small passages. The problem is there are no set “standards” and it is a pretty easy way for an unscrupulous shop to make a few quick bucks! Almost every service station has the equipment to change the fluids quickly and easily and it is very profitable. One shop owner I know calls it a “wallet flush” for the unsuspecting consumer. He and I and all reputable service and repair centers are very upset that any shop would do this to a customer.

I know it can be hard to resist a fast talking person showing you test tubes of fluid samples and ph strips that change color but remember all this was provided by the manufacturers of the flush machine! They knew exactly what to do to scare a consumer into paying for fluid exchanges every time they get their oil changed!

Next time you are at a shop for an oil change and you aren’t familiar with them and their practices…beware! Don’t get your wallet flushed! Better yet, make sure you go to an automotive service and repair shop you can trust and stick with them.

Happy Motoring!





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